Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yesterday :

Our days are usually pretty full. Filled with the usual household chores, lots of playing, busy crafting, endless cooking, - but something about yesterday was just very calm. It was nice...

I did a little (more) organizing in our craft/play room :

And made another pot holder :
Haila had a little craft of her own going on, wearing the crown her Daddy made her :

Lily protected the DMC ( She usually is the keeper of the yarn, but I think she was a little mad that all the wool was neatly put away) :
And, I got a very special delivery, that I am so excited about! A wonderful new book for the kiddos and Anna Maria Horner's new book Handmade Beginnings, for me! I already started on the Scrappy Nap Pillow -- my first time ever following a pattern :
but I am sure I will veer away from it a soon. : )


  1. Looks like a great day! I might have to check out that book. . .

  2. A) I wish I had a craft room and B) if I did, I wish it looked that neat :)

  3. Your craft room looks so cute!! Love the giant pencils :D

  4. love the craft/play room what a great idea! we have a play room and i never even thought about mixing something in that room for me hmmmm. and love the pot holders, so cute!

  5. The book is wonderful -- I love it!

    I have a little studio space off of our bedroom, but I was still just bringing what supplies I needed down in the living/dining area everyday. Since the boys are both in school during the day and it is just Haila and I at home, I decided to divide the room - creating a work space for me and a play space for her. It is working out really well. We have been spending so much time in there together - I only wish it was twice the size. : )

  6. Sounds like a wonderful day, and I love your organized space. And that's so sweet that Daddy made Haila a crown.


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