Friday, April 30, 2010

Scrappy Nap Pillow : :

Yes folks, I am aware that since I began sewing again, almost every item I have made has been with Anna Maria fabric, but that is just simply because her fabrics are a huge reason why I started again and well, I just can't get enough of them. Now that I have her new book, I might as well change the name of this here blog to something more like, um... Maureen Cracknell Handmade - The Ambassador of all things Anna Maria Horner. I realized it was a little out of hand when I noticed that I link back to her blog, more than my own. Hmn...

Handmade Beginnings is full of amazing photos of the most beautiful projects to do for a baby on the way, but many of these patterns can be adapted to fit your own needs if you are not expecting. I am definitely not, but that didn't stop me from pre-ordering this book with all the excitement of an expecting mother. I knew it would have lots to offer me, the lady who attacks every baby that gets strolled by this busy street we live on. Because even though my baby days are over, I just can't get enough of all the "baby stuff." I was so happy when during my first (of many) flipping through's of this book, I found the Scrappy Nap Pillow --- and, you all know how I love making pillows...

Because I am fairly new to sewing, I don't have many scraps - so I went with full panels of a variety of prints from her Good Folks Fabrics.
All of the center points didn't match up just perfectly, so I made a little yo-yo flower for the center, just for now, until I get a large (preferably orange) button for the center.
This pillow is super soft and cuddly...and HUGE! I love it! I plan on making another hopefully this weekend. I posted pics of it on my Flickr last night and this morning when I checked my email, I almost peed my pants when I saw that Anna Maria herself, had commented on my pillow!!!! Be sure to check that out --- I am super new to flickr, so it has me very excited today.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend. ~ Maureen


  1. Wow that looks GREAT!! I love the flower in the middle much better than a button. Can't wait to see it in person!

  2. Thanks Cynth - maybe I will leave the flower, hmn? I definitely want a large button in the center, too. Do you have one? I can't wait for you to see it!

  3. I love those vivid colors! I think that the yo yo is working beautifully. Great job!

  4. I'm completely floored that you are new to sewing - as I was completely floored to find out you were new to embroidering. I'm trying to be inspired and not just flat jealous. Your creations are gorgeous, I'm not surprised Anna Maria herself commented on them!

  5. Well, Maureen, now I'm following your blog too. I agree, can't get enough of Good Folks. Sign me up as ambassador as well! I'd pee my pants too ;0)

  6. Love the pillow and the color combination. Great job.

  7. Dylan - you are too sweet! I am proud of myself for sticking to the pattern pretty closely. I never follow patterns, with my sewing or knitting.

    This book is just amazing and the patterns are so easy to understand, usually not the case for me.

    Thanks for following and commenting!!! : )


    her fabrics are also my absolute favorite which i might have said before only i can't afford them. do you get all yours from anywhere special?

  9. I get mine from her shop. I get the fabric stacks of 8, 1/2 yard cuts - with shipping it is $42. And, occasionally I will buy a yard here and there from the fabric shoppe on etsy. That much fabric goes very far for me. I know that sells some of the prints, as well, and offer free shipping on orders over $35. The quality of her fabrics just doesn't compare to any other I have worked with so far. And I love her palette - it compliments the colors I work with in the items I make and my taste in how I decorate our home.:)

  10. Your pillow is awesome!! I love the flower in the middle SO MUCH! You should consider keeping it there. =)

  11. It's GORGEOUS !!! I have piles of things in my "when I get around to sewing it pile " sigh I am jealous of your pillow ! : )

  12. Thanks everyone - I think the flower will stay, and I will change out the button when I find the right one. Thanks for all your nice comments and input!

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