Friday, April 23, 2010

And The Winner Is : :

Sarah ~ Magnolia Surprise - you've been emailed! Congrats! & thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for entering! What fun this was for me and my family! As of this morning, 268 comments were given throughout the Owl Parade!!! Even though the giveaway is over, I still hope to see you all stopping by - I have lots to share!!! Yesterday we celebrated Earth Day in a way that is similar to many days around here, with just a bit more education on why we do, what we do. My children are small, so I don't flood them with the doom and gloom of the state of the world, but you better believe I am doing my best to make sure they fall in love with it! I am so happy that the importance of environmentally friendly living is becoming more widely understood and green living has become incorporated into mainstream life. I feel now that it is our great responsibility to get our children interested in and aware of the importance of being eco-conscious. My hope, is that if they are introduced to it young enough, it will become second nature! Thank you for sharing all of the ways you are making a difference, too!

Today I am headed into my boys school to teach Kaiden's classmates an Eco-friendly craft. How to make these plastic bottle flowers :

I'm really excited!

Thanks again everyone
- visit me soon! ~ Maureen


  1. Congrats to Sarah!
    And, Maureen, have fun at the school today- you must be the coolest Mom I know.

  2. Congratulations to the winner!! She must be one happy woman this morning :)

  3. A big congrats to Sarah!

    It has certainly been fun to enjoy the Owl Parade with you! I hope that you and yours had a wonderful Earth Day. The flowers are so pretty, they look like a great project!

  4. Maureen -- thank you so much!!! I'm so excited to have won one of your sweet owls! It is going to be a gift for my 4 year old granddaughter and I know she will absolutely love it. (So, of course it will have to be one of the "girl" owls!!) I'll be in touch with you!!

    Thank you again!!!!

    PS: those plastic bottle flowers are too cute!!!


  5. I'm not going to lie. i feel so disappointed.

    Congrats Magnolia

  6. yay for sarah! those bottle flowers are so cute! maybe if you get a chance you could share instructions on here too :)

  7. Thanks everyone! It has been wonderful - I plan on doing another soon, maybe a pillow giveaway, hmn?

    I plan on sharing a tutorial for the plastic bottle flowers, it is such a wonderful craft project. I had an absolute blast showing the kids today.

    Have a beautiful weekend! ~ Maureen

  8. Those flowers look awesome! BTW, glad you liked your photo this morning! Was cleaning out my computer and came across them. I told Corey who you were and he still can't believe that you are related to "Uncle Jim's crazy friend Super Dave."

    Hope the weekend is awesome and that you guys get the benefit of some sunshine in Potter County!


  9. yes! please share the bottle flower instructions. I love them!

  10. Yay for Sarah! =) That's great you got so many comments! =)

  11. Hello Maureen, I've just come to your Blog via 'Sarah ~ Magnolia Surprise' who mentioned that you made lots of owls, and that she won one - I'll be taking a look at your Blog further, as I think it's a brilliant idea to make a cute owl a day (or any other thing!).

    Love your Blog so far - I'll definitely be back!!

    Take care,
    Jane xx


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