Monday, April 26, 2010

Alright, One More : :

Sarah, the winner of the giveaway, chose Alex Owl and shared why on her blog. The other owls are already at or are heading to hello Bluebird.

So, I guess I wasn't ready just yet to stop with the owl parade. Meet the caboose --- Elma Owl

I made this pillow on Sunday for the daughter of my friend, a sweet little girl named Sophie. (Haila had to see for herself if it was comfortable.)
And, since I didn't share a great picture of Jacob's Birthday Crown last week, I decided to share a better picture. If you have a little one in your life, making one of these is a must. Jacob designed this one himself and wore it for a week straight. --- So quick, easy, and absolutely adorable!
Wishing you a wonderful day! ~ Maureen


  1. What a fun giveaway and I'm sure Sarah will love her new friend.

  2. Love love love the pillow!! Thanks a million I know Sophie will like it. Once again you kick butt :). Oh the owl is cute too but the picture don't do them justice!

  3. :) so cute! you are so creative! the pillow looks so comfy :) i don't know how you find the time to make so many beautiful things! i think i will have to make a birthday crown for my sweets this year, did you say before that you got the idea from one of amanda soule's books?

  4. Thanks ladies!

    Jenny - Yes, the idea is from the Creative Family, but naturally I didn't follow the instructions or use the template(you have to enlarge it.) The front is Jacob's favorite fabric from my stash(Anna Maria, of course - just like his mama). The back is soft felt and then I used some thick elastic that I had for the band. It took about 20 minutes + the time to do the "J" and it is SO loved!

  5. Sarah made a great choice. That is one impressive owl!

  6. Elma owl is very cool- I think it's all in the eyes. Love the fabric too!

  7. why aren't these owls on Etsy?? I want one :D

  8. Elma is awfully sweet too! She makes a very cute caboose! And I'm lovin' the pillow...

    Hello Bluebird looks like a very special shop - you are lucky to have it close by!

    (And thanks, too, for all the mentions!)

  9. You are so creative! Love your work. =)

  10. Life Smart It - I plan on selling more on etsy once Haila is in school and I can make "making things" my full-time gig. Right now I sell to boutiques, so I don't have to spend what time I do have promoting and instead use that precious time to create more.

    I post pics first always on my fb group page
    and if they are available they "luckily" get snatched up right away by my followers. You should join, if you are on facebook.

  11. Sarah - Hello Bluebird is pretty far from me, almost 6 hours but it is just such a lovely looking shop - I couldn't resist!

    Unfortunately where I live there are no wonderful shops or boutiques to sell to. I do sell to several throughout the country - and hope to have my very own someday. : )

  12. I feel like I keep saying this.. but Elma is my favorite owl!


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