Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I Heart Patchwork : :

I have yet to own a couch that I just love. The first one we had naively purchased when Kaiden was just a few moths old, before we had any ideas about the juice, the sticky hands, crayons, etc...not to mention our two children that were soon to follow. It was a very light beige and I mean "was" in a very past tense. Our second couch is beige, once again ( I know, we didn't learn anything) which was bought mainly out of necessity and affordability. Sometimes I actually loathe these coaches and I don't really hate anything ~ but I am so excited to have found a new way to tolerate them until that perfect couch, with the perfect price, finds me or I find it : : : : lot and lots of new PILLOWS!!!

I my new fabric, I patchwork, and I ♥ ♥ ♥ my helper : :

Here's the first - with a little Heather Bailey and some other yummy fabrics : :
And here is the second, with a little Riley Blake and Anna Maria Horner : :
I swear, I could make these all day!


  1. Such pretty fabric...such lovely pillows. Pillows can add so much to a room's decor, either dress it up or make it more comfy and cozy.

  2. I *love* your work! Everything is so beautiful and as someone just starting out in the world of sewing I'm not ashamed to admit I'm very jealous :)

  3. Thank you! I love pillows, honestly I had a major LOVE for pillows even before I recently started making my own (which is an even greater LOVE now that I am) - is 9 pillows on a couch normal? Maybe? and if that is the case, I am fine. : )

  4. love the pillows, wish my couch was plain beige :) instead it's beige with funky (in a bad way) blue and pink flowers, clashes with everything i like haha! but at least the funky designs cover up the stains from three crazy children :)

  5. Jenny ~ I got a really wonderful stretchy brown slip-cover for our main couch in our family room (that is no longer beige) and I love it. It fits like it was made for it and we can just throw it in the wash if we need too. You should consider it! : )


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