Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Emmy Owl : :

I love stories like this and I love little helpers ~ so I have to share : :
A few weeks ago a Facebook friend sent me a photo of her adorable little daughter, Emmy, holding this sign, asking for an owl : :
Ridiculously cute, right!?!

So, I asked for Emmy's help, the same way I ask my own children, and she designed this : :

I followed the design as closely as I could, with the materials I had and I think it came out pretty close : :
Oh, I love stories like that!

On another note : : The music group Renee & Jeremy, who I talk about Here, contacted me yesterday to let me know that they will be including some information about me and my work in their next newsletter. I would love for my blogging friends and followers to visit their site, join, give a little listen, and check it out.

Wishing you all a beautiful day!


  1. SOOO pretty! I love it! And cool that you let children do the designing!

  2. Thank you! The best things I have ever made, have come from the drawings of children. They have such an uninfluenced vision of everything that is so inspiring.

  3. This is so darling!!! I love your work!

  4. I love that owl!!! Your brought a child's dreams to life...Kudos!


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