Saturday, March 27, 2010

Flickr and Blankets : :

I just joined Flickr and stayed up WAY too late last night uploading photos. If there's a secret out there to speeding that whole process up - I'd love to hear it??? Anywho, so you now can view a little slide-show to your right and visit me there. If you are a member or have a group that I should know about and join, send me that info - PLEASE! - As I am still trying to figure it all out.

This week one of my projects was to make a simple baby blanket for an expecting friend. I used some of my old new Anna Maria in a patchwork pattern for the front. For the back - an old, very soft, receiving blanket from when my Haila was just a little babe. Like usual, I wasn't quite sure what I was doing. I kept it simple, making a simple brick pattern with a little stripe of pink to break up all the lovely good folks fabrics and match the pale pink of the receiving blanket. I really hope she loves it!

While looking through photos of old projects to add to my Flickr, I found lots of this old blanket. I made it maybe two-three years ago. It was when I was first starting to knit things other than scarves and simple shawls and I wasn't 100% confident yet in making my own creations, with my own yarn choices, so I picked these yarns based on a sample poncho that was in the yarn shop.
Some are novelty yarns, but most of the yarns I used are silk skeins made of recycled sari's and I just fell in love with the texture, color, and beauty of those yarns.

The blanket is definitely too funky for me, but it's perfect for Haila and perfect for twirling.


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