Monday, March 29, 2010

My Fabulous Friend : :

This post is to show off some of the work of my dearest friend, Cynthia Taylor. She is warm and friendly and amazingly creative and inspiring. She is the great friend who kindly listens to me ramble about all my ideas. The friend who I have to show everything I make first. The friend that loves to feed me (I know, I'm lucky). And, I happen to love her - as much as I love her kind ears, her great taste, and delicious food! Well, almost. I just completely adore her and her family (and her house!) Maybe one day I'll get a chance to photograph and share Cynthia's home here. But for now, it will just be a few of this other creative mama's newest creations.

This lovely star mobile, that makes me SO happy : :

And this shelf, that she built all by her self! It's based on a shelf design from Pottery Barn, that usually retails for hundreds. But, because Cynthia is awesome and wonderfully frugal - she built it for around $100. And, it only took her 2 hours! Now, come on - that's just AMAZING!! I just love it and the whole idea of it. Love, Love, Love...
Cynthia ~ you rock!


  1. You do Rock C! You are a talented and thoughtful woman and an amazing mother! I am so blessed to have you as a friend.

  2. Beautiful work on that shelf Cynth!! besides the idea of chicks with power tools is hot!! Seriously you are great person and a great friend to maureen and I dig that kind of stuff. Peace.

  3. Thanks you guys!! Kevin that was too funny...still laughing. Moe you are too kind and many thanks. You too are an amazing friend :)

  4. Yes - very funny Kev!
    Cynthia ~ Let me know when you are ready to start blogging and you can have a day to share your crafting and recipes here. : )

  5. C is always rolling 22's !NICE STUFF

  6. Melissa Juilano SpaethMarch 30, 2010 at 12:41 AM

    Maureen, You are such a generous friend to showcase Cynthia's talents. And by the way, I bought the Pottery Barn shelves for $100s and your look just as good, maybe better because you made them yourself. Super cool. I used to be able to be creative, but now I never have the time. I sure do miss it especially when I see the beautiful creations you and Maureen make. Keep inspiring....
    Melissa Spaeth

  7. Cynthia,
    Your ideas are amazing! And I am in awe that somehow you have find time to do all this with little kids still at home!! WOW! :) Not only are you amazing with all this creative stuff, but I had the chance to spend a year with Hannah in my room and she is one of the most caring children! So you are doing a great job in many areas of your life!! :) So happy for you! Maureen, this was so thoughtful and nice!

  8. Many thanks to all the amazing comments!! I really appreciate it ...still smiling.


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