Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm In Love : :

: : And completely stumped! When I put in my order for some of Anna Maria's new voile, I had big plans. I planned to make an absurd amount of new pillows, to try my hand at a simple first quilt project, and to use every little scrap left over from those - for the felted toys I make. Then it came...and I saw it up-close, in person...and I felt it...and it is SO beautiful! So beautiful, that I am perfectly happy just staring away at it all still in these perfect little bundles. I can't really describe how amazing it feels, I actually used the word "dreamy" when I was attempting to describe it over the phone to my sister.
So, for now I am just going to stare at them and practice a little on some baby quilts for a friend who is expecting, before I cut into these. Throughout the days I do lots of flipping through these lovely little piles and one of these days they'll become something.
If anyone has any ideas - I'd love to hear them.


  1. I agree! When I received my voile from Anna, I was truly amazed at how lovely the fabric feels. Mine is becomming part of a twin bed quilt for my daughter.


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