Saturday, February 20, 2010

A little Color : :

Ah, color... Color is something, that I must admit, has been creeping up on me. I was that girl, for as long as I can remember, who wears mostly shades of black and gray. Who had decorated her house in earthy toned colors. Who has always favored the black and white photo. But throughout the last few years, I have noticed a major shift. I always have dressed my children in lots of color and kept their bedroom and play spaces throughout the house full of it. But I notice every year, right around this time, I too need a little color in my life. Feeling a little cabin fever stir-crazy, I get crazily motivated to find ways to let spring in the house (even if it doesn't appear to be OUTSIDE yet!) Adding new pillows, splurging on fresh flowers, and making my arts and crafts a little more bright and fun. Slowly, my entire house is beginning to look like the inside of a crayon box, and surprisingly, it makes me VERY happy! I love the idea of really exploring the full range of color around us - in our homes, our work, our world. It's easy for children, but this is the time of year where remembering to see the beauty and color all around me, will be just enough to get me to spring.

My newest owl doll, WHOO loves color...(I know, I'm a super-dork.)

Some of the items I showed at the children's art show, inspired by color... (and this blog, to tell the truth.)
And then of course, the coloring...always inspiring, fun, and Oh, so sweet.
Jacob, Kaiden, and Leah's fairies...
Wishes for a wonderful, colorful week to you!


  1. aw, what great drawings! does that bottom one say something about "fairyopolis"? too cute..

  2. I really like your new owl! We need color to keep everything from being boring.

  3. I love your owl, and your kids cute drawings! Thanks for the smile I needed :)

  4. Love the new owl! Yes, color makes me very happy too!

  5. Where do you sell you owls and other dolls. I looked on your etsy and it is empty? I would love to buy something.

  6. I love the colours of your new owl, he is so cute, as are the kids drawings!!

  7. Kat ~ the bottom one does say Fairyopolis,and she named the fairy "Allie Richardson" which I found pretty funny, too.

    Thank you for the nice comments about my owl, it is already sold.;) I always share photos of my items on my facebook first, just to show all my friends and family what I am up to, and so the items I make usually don't make it to my etsy.

    I'd love for you to check out my facebook group page, if you haven't yet. There's a link in the right sidebar.

    Thanks again everyone!

  8. That owl is SO cute! He looks so huggable! Great photos, and I love the colors you have used on your blog...I wear lots of black and brown, but when it comes to creating jewelry, I use lots of color, which is strange! I love color but often don't wear enough. I found you through the Etsy blog love forums,
    Best wishes selling and blogging!


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