Friday, February 26, 2010

Enjoying the snow : :

Most of the winter, are days together, are spent playing and making lots of stuff indoors, but this past weekend we were able to spend most of Sunday enjoying the snow. We had the perfect amount of snow, accompanied by temperatures in the low forties. It allowed us to breath in that good winter air and get creative outdoors for a little while. It was perfect!

Haila busy helping build the snow fort...
Jacob with his new "ear-muffs" that were actually bought to help protect his little ears at the VERY LOUD monster truck show he just went to (how cute is that!)...
Kaiden working on his "snow wizard" because a simple snowman just wouldn't do : )...
Although March is right around the corner, I know there are more snow (and ice) storms to come for us this winter...but those few days when we are all able to be outside comfortably, are priceless. It was just what we needed.


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