Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The Sweet Home QAL -- Assembly & Finishing

Photo Sep 21, 11 28 01 AM

Welcome to week FIVE of the Sweet Home Quilt Along 2021, a QAL I'm co-hosting with Sharon Holland, the designer behind the adorable Sweet Home quilt pattern!

Sweet Home Quilt Graphic

During week FIVE we'll be assembling and finishing our Sweet Home quilt tops!

Below you can see the schedule we've been following throughout the QAL, but of course Sharon and I want to encourage all to sew at their own pace. For those just discovering our QAL, please feel free to make your own Sweet Home and access both Sharon's and my QAL blog posts anytime!

Sweet Home Home QAL Schedule

When you visit Sharon's blog you'll see the beautiful Sweet Home she's making using her brand new Bookish collection for AGF. Sharon has been sharing weekly blog posts, along with new video tutorial support each week for her Sweet Home pattern for Sweet Home quilt makers!

For my Sweet Home I'm using the Cozy & Magical Quilt Kit available exclusively at Lady Belle Fabric that features prints from both of my new Art Gallery Fabrics collections, Cozy & Magical and Plaid of My Dreams!

Cozy & Magical Sweet Home Kit Bundle

All cut up!

Bungalow Blocks

For week FIVE, we'll finish the assembling and complete our quilt tops to move on to the final quilting stage! I'll be sending my quilt to Brooke at Lady Belle Fabric who offers an edge to edge long arm quilting service, Lady Belle Quilting, in addition to her amazing fabric shop! This week I'll piece together my quilt back and will photograph full shots of my quilt top to share in full next week for the BIG reveal, before sending my quilt out to Brooke!

Photo Sep 21, 4 08 51 PM

I'm so excited reveal week is just a week away! I've loved making this new holiday version and love how these festive prints pop against the sweet Bushing Art Gallery Fabric Pure Solid background, especially the true bright red used throughout my Cozy & Magical and Plaid collections!

Photo Sep 21, 4 09 04 PM

I decided to add to our holiday traditions in 2019 to make my family a new Christmas quilt each year, and I'm honestly so surprised and proud that I've made it three years now with no problems and I credit two of those three holiday quilts all to Sharon & I planning these fun quilt alongs. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

In the photo below you can also see a peek of a Sweet Home quilt I made that I've never revealed. It's quilted beautifully by Brooke, as well, and I can't wait to finally get full shots of it all finished to share along with my Cozy & Magical Sweet Home quilt top next week!

Photo Sep 21, 11 38 01 AM

This year's QAL has really flown by and I hope you've loved sewing with Sharon + ME! As you finish this weeks assembly & finishing, be sure to share photos of them on Instagram with our QAL hashtag #SweetHomeQAL2021 and to tag me @MaureenCracknell & @SharonHollandDesigns. We can't wait to see them! Now it's time to head on over to Sharon's blog if you haven't already, to check out her Bookish version and to enter our new Giveaway with this week's wonderful sponsor, Hobbs Batting, for a chance to win their amazing quilt batting!

Thanks for joining our QAL! xo Maureen


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