Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Sweet Home QAL -- Corner Squares & Sashing

Welcome to week FOUR of the Sweet Home Quilt Along 2021! I'm once again co-hosting this quit along with my dear friend and talented AGF sister Sharon Holland, who's also the designer behind the adorable Sweet Home quilt pattern!

Sweet Home Quilt Graphic

During week FOUR we'll tackle the thirty Corner Squares in the Sweet Home quilt pattern!

Below you can see the schedule we've been following throughout the QAL, but of course Sharon and I want to encourage all to sew at their own pace. As always, if you're new to discovering our QAL you can join the more than 1200+ makers sewing along with us at anytime by signing up at Sharon Holland Designs. Once you're signed up, you'll have access to a Quilt Kit Directory full of amazing Sweet Home quilt kit options, Sharon's weekly quilt along blog posts that will feature a new amazing Giveaway with one of our sponsors, and new video tutorials each week that Sharon is creating to support her Sweet Home pattern. As her co-host, I'm excited to share the Sweet Home version I'm making each step of the way throughout the duration of this quilt along right here and on my social media!

Sweet Home Home QAL Schedule

When you visit Sharon's blog you'll see the beautiful Sweet Home she's making using her brand new Bookish collection for AGF. The Bookish Sweet Home Quilt Kit is available at Lady Belle Fabric and is the perfect Fall quilt!

For my Sweet Home I'm using the Cozy & Magical Quilt Kit available exclusively at Lady Belle Fabric that features prints from both of my new Art Gallery Fabrics collections, Cozy & Magical and Plaid of My Dreams!

Cozy & Magical Sweet Home Quilt Kit by Lady Belle Fabric

Corner Squares

Again this week I used the speedy chain-piecing technique to make my Bungalows, a sewing technique that mimics an assembly line where you'll sew piece after piece and then block after bock, continuously feeding your quilt pieces through the machine without cutting your thread in-between each step. If you're new to quilting and/or chain piecing, Sharon has been putting together a super helpful weekly video series on her Sew Along blog that includes video support for each step of her Sweet Home pattern throughout our QAL that's full of helpful information and tips. Sharon is always incredibly informative and thorough with her instructions, so be sure to check out these amazing video tutorials!

Chain Piecing Corner Squares

These tiny corner square pieces come together so fast and they're so cute! Once you finish all thirty squares and your sashing is cut, all that's left to do is to sew together your log cabin and bungalow blocks with your sashing and you'll have your finished quilt top!

Corner Squares


As you finish this weeks piecing, be sure to share photos of them on Instagram with our QAL hashtag #SweetHomeQAL2021 and to tag me @MaureenCracknell & @SharonHollandDesigns. We can't wait to see them! Now it's time to head on over to Sharon's blog if you haven't already, to check out her Bookish version and to enter our amazing Giveaway with this week's sponsor, Oliso, for a chance for TWO to win one of their amazing Mini Project Irons!

Thanks for joining our QAL, we’re so happy you’re here!

xo Maureen


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