Thursday, January 3, 2019

My SUN KISSED LookBook is Out!

Happy New Year! I'm so excited to kick off 2019 by sharing the LookBook for my brand new collection with Art Gallery Fabrics, SUN KISSED and I hope you all love it just as much as I do!

My New Sun Kissed Collection

Inside you'll find this colorful new collection on display in the form of dozens of inspirational projects from quilts & home decor to lots of beautiful apparel & accessory projects! Today I want to start by showcasing some of my personal favorite features in the LookBook to get you inspired for happy Sun Kissed sewing. Yes happy, I truly believe it's impossible not to smile while sewing with these fabrics!

LookBook Cover

In the Lookbook you'll find projects made by myself, the AGF Studio and so many generous makers that were so kind to lend their talents to make something with Sun Kissed. I'm always blown away when I see it all come together!

With each collection comes a free Quilt Pattern PDF created with just the collection prints in mind and for Sun Kissed I designed Sun Spots, a fun mix of bright colors & white that creates a perfect quilt for beach trips and Summertime picnics! This pattern makes a large throw size measuring 72" x 72" and was a very enjoyable quilt to sew. I stitched it together from start to finish in just a few days time, which is perfect for my schedule & patience level, haha. In the weeks ahead I do plan to add some additional hand quilting using threads in Sun Kissed colors which will be something new for me, but I just can't get the idea out of my head, so I'm excited to give it a try. I've heard from several folks who are making Sun Spots already and that makes me so happy, be sure to let me know if you give it a go, too!

My Sun Spots Quilt

Whole Cloth pillows are such a perfect way to showoff a favorite fabric and my Sun Kissed Palm Island Escape novelty print is extra special to me. This past Spring I went to visit my sister in Hawaii for the first time, a magical trip with some of my favorite people! I love how it looks as this large Euro size sham and now every time I see this beachy printed pillow I will think of my Hawaii family and my wonderful trip to Oahu!

Palm Island Floor Pillow

In the LookBook you'll also find gorgeous garment inspiration like this dress made by my friend Alexis Wright using the Sun Kissed rayon, Summerdress Dreams Flare. To me, this pattern and fabric combination couldn't be more beautiful & perfect to wear on vacation and hot Summer days!

Summerdress Dreams Flare Rayon -- Dress by Alexis Wright

This sweet garment was made using two of the three Sun Kissed knits, Hazy Daisies and Sunny Side Up by the lovely Florence Taylor who always makes such magic with my fabrics! For the LookBook Florence stitched up this adorable 2t sized twirly dress using a Little Lizard King pattern. For this dress and many more garment ideas you can find all the details by clicking HERE!

Sun Kissed Knit Dress by Florence Taylor

The bag making kick that I've been on this past year continues and I made some of my favorites to date using Sun Kissed! Simple whole cloth zipper pouch bags with fun quilting, brightly colored zippers and Hobbs Tuscany Cotton batting scraps is all I needed to make these for the LookBook. The happy vibe of this collection allowed me to have some fun shopping for the tassel keychains that decorate each of these new bags. A must make for sure!

Sun Kissed Zipper Pouch Bags

My quilted journal making continues, as well, since these are such a fast, useful and rewarding sew. I especially love making these to give as gifts. These new Sun Kissed journals all turned out so pretty, I even quilted up some using the Summerdress Dreams rayon, a first for me!

Sun Kissed Journals

These are just six examples of inspirational projects that fill the 72-page LookBook! I'm overjoyed that SUN KISSED is now shipping to stores and I can't wait to see all the things you're going to create with this collection! To ensure I don't miss a thing, please remember to use the collection hashtags #SunKissedFabrics + #AGFsunkissed and to tag me @maureencracknell when you share anything Sun Kissed on Instagram, or to upload your Sun Kissed stash and project photos to my Maureen Cracknell Handmade Facebook page!

I'll be back soon to share a more detailed look at some of the Sun Kissed projects that I made for the LookBook, along with many new projects ideas & tutorials to get you inspired to sew with these fabrics! In the meantime, be sure to visit Art Gallery Fabrics blog to enter for a chance to WIN a Sun Kissed Bundle by clicking HERE or by simply clicking on the photo below to be redirected!

Sun Kissed Fabrics GIVEAWAY

Thank you all for your continued support, encouragement & love!

xo Maureen   


  1. I love the bright,vibrant colors in this collection. Thanks for the free quilt pattern.

    1. Thank you! Be sure to skim through the LookBook, there's several more great quilt patterns that are so perfect for Sun Kissed!

  2. Maureen, why is it that every time you come out with a new collection, it becomes my favorite. How many favorites do I have now? All of these.
    This one is next.
    Thank you for always inspiring with your massive creativity

    1. Awe, thank you! I feel the same way about each collection I create, each becomes my new favorite. It feels like I get to tell a story about my life and share my dreams in fabric form. It truly is the best!

    2. Maureen, I completely agree with you.
      Perhaps this is like giving birth? 🙃😂 You love every bit of it

      I am so glad that you share these stories!!

    3. It's difficult to compare it to anything because I definitely have that moment of complete self-doubt with each collection, haha! I put so much into this work, I'll be so excited to share it and then the worry always comes just before a release or announcement that no one will like it. You'd think I would be passed that by now, with ten collection, but no. :)

  3. Another beautiful collection!!! I also love Hawaii - my daughter lived in Eva Beach on Oahu for 3 years and I got to spend 6 weeks with her one winter...bliss! I need to make her an Oahu pillow because she misses Hawaii since the Army sent her to a new posting. Congratulations!!!

    1. I'll be making my sister some Sun Kissed things to send to Hawaii for sure! I love the idea of you making something for your daughter, and for yourself, to remember that special time!

  4. Rarely do I get excited about an entire collection-just bit/pieces-but this is over the moon. Kudos!!! Susan

    1. Thank you so much! I especially love the palette of Sun Kissed. These colors together are so cheerful, it's been so fun sewing with them!

  5. Beautiful! Would the Sun Spot pattern work with a jelly roll?

    1. Thank you! I cut my pieces from eight 1/2yd cuts so I'm not sure about the amount you'd get from a jelly roll. The pattern does use cuts measuring 2.5" by varied lengths, so in that sense a jelly roll would work. Hope that helps!

  6. It feels like I get to tell a story about my life and share my dreams in fabric form.


  7. I'm loving all the color and patterns.

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