Monday, January 7, 2019

Inspired by Svetlana Sotak

Sun Kissed LookBook Projects

Before I continue this week with more Sun Kissed fabric goodness, I want to first recognize a fellow artist and sewing pattern designer, Svetlana Sotak of s.o.t.a.k handmade, who I have been immensely inspired by and learned so much from over the years! When I started this blog in 2010, for the first couple of years I was quite the fabric hoarder and prolific pillow maker, but too insecure to attempt to turn my beloved fabric stash into the quilts that I dreamed of making, and I also lacked the skills and knowledge needed to make many of the small sewing accessory projects that I loved seeing so many fellow bloggers making. In a nut shell, quilts and zippers scared me. I was, however, an improv sewist from the very beginning. Each project began with a unique idea, almost always inspired by the fabric themselves. It was through the trial and error that comes from simply trying that I discovered my style and this wonderful community to share and learn with. During those early years of sewing and blogging, Svetlana was one of the bloggers I followed who always created such perfect looking projects, who had the skills and knowledge I was hoping to gain, and who was so extremely generous with sharing tutorials and patterns for so many of her projects. I've probably learned more about sewing from Svetlana than any other person in this industry. So today, before I share some of my recent Sun Kissed fabric projects, all of which were inspired by Svetlana, I just wanted to share with all of you, and Svetlana most of all, how grateful I am to have discovered her work!

Whole Cloth Zipper Pouch Bags

For the Sun Kissed LookBook I made several Quilted Zipper Pouches in a variety of sizes depending on the zippers and batting scraps that I had on hand. You can find so many helpful tutorials for making similar bags with just a quick Pinterest search, so I haven't created my own tutorial to share just yet. I do think I've discovered some tips and skills that are worth sharing from making so. many. bags. this past year, so I may put together a Janome Sewing tutorial sometime toon. For LookBook I linked to Svetlana's Mini Quilted Zipper Pouch Tutorial, with step by step instructions that are clear, easy to follow and can be easily adapted to make any size bag. If you're looking for a wonderful zipper pouch pattern, The Essential Pouch measure and cut pattern by Svetlana with help you make perfect pouches in four sizes!

bright bag duo

Summerdress Dreams Tide Whole Cloth Zipper Pouch Bags

The Quilted Zipper Pouches that I made using my Sun Kissed Summerdress Dreams prints in both quilting cottons and in the lux AGF rayon are my new favorites! This bright floral looks so pretty left whole cloth and simply quilted with this scalloped stitch. I love the subtle contrast of the coral Aurifil thread against the yellow fabric on this one, and the Dritz hardware and store-bought tassel makes this simple bag look fancy!

Summerdress Dreams Ray Whole Cloth Zipper Pouch Bags

Last Summer I shared a tutorial for Whole Cloth Quilted Journal Covers during Janome's Summer Camp sewing event, a project that's become a favorite of mine that's perfect for enjoying favorite prints and gift giving. My tutorial gives instructions for creating journal covers by quilting fabrics to a layer of Hobbs Tuscany Cotton batting with decorative stitches that are lined, washable and can be used again and again. Svetlana has a Notebook Cover tutorial on her blog as well, that's great for mixing several prints & using interfacing, that I learned a lot from using several times before I started making quilted journals. Be sure to check it out HERE!

Sun Kissed Whole Cloth Journals

Another great s.o.t.a.k handmade pattern that I link to in the Sun Kissed LookBook is Svetlana's Drawstring Bag Pattern that creates beautiful drawstring bags in four different sizes. I couldn't resist making the mini size in my Sun Kissed Basking Buds print. Look how cute!

Sun Kissed LookBook Projects

Be sure to visit the Blog, Tutorial Page and Pattern Shop for more wonderful sewing projects! I hope you love these Svetlana Sotak inspired projects as much as I do!

xo Maureen


  1. Happy Monday Maureen,
    I went to visit my daughter 40 minutes away, She has two little babies under two. They are adorable. I showed her your blog and your fabrics.
    She loves all of your fabrics too. I have to say, THIS pile of fabric is my very very very favorite collection
    I am going to try to make some bags like these and also try quilt as you go method to make some coasters for my sister in law and my grumpy little brother

  2. This post made me so happy. I love everything Svetlana creates and I have several of her patterns and have learned so much from her. I also love all of your fabrics (and have hoarded way too much of it!) Time to start using it up. :)

  3. This post is amazing. I've followed Svetlana for years and I can only imagine how had she must work to develop her style, patterns and blog. Thanks so much for giving her the shout-out!

    1. Same here! I followed her works for years and love her patterns too. In fact I just finished one Luisa bag from her pattern :)

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  6. Thank you so very much for this fabulous feature, Maureen. I greatly appreciate it :). Love your new collections, it's beautiful!

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