Thursday, August 9, 2018

Loved to Pieces Blog Party!

Busy, busy, July was quite the month! In my last blog post I shared how happy I was to be back in this space and I had a major backlog of news and projects that I was planning to share. But the day after that last post, my husband woke up early and knew right away that things weren't right after not feeling well with flu-like symptoms for several weeks. He had Bell's Palsy, temporary face paralysis on the right side of his face and we learned shortly after that, that he had two tick-borne diseases, Lyme and Babesiosis. He's been taking the appropriate medications and today he's doing much better and is back to work. So here I am, excited to share my project for my talented friend, Mathew Boudreaux aka Mister Domestic's Loved to Pieces Blog Party!


Loved to Pieces Bundles

This year Mathew joined the Art Gallery Fabrics family as an Angles by AGF designer and released his very first fabric collection, Loved to Pieces. Inspired by his daughter Helena's love for flowers and his love for paper piecing, Loved to Pieces is florals meet EPP geometrics in an array of blues with touches of vibrant pinks and subtle greens. It was an absolute joy to sew with! So much so that I couldn't stop. With everything that had been going on in my life I didn't want to commit to a big project that I couldn't finish in time to share as part of this blog tour, so I started by making one of my favorite go-to makes -- one quilt as you go flat bottom lined zipper pouch, and then I made nineteen more!

Loved to Pieces Zipper Pouch

Loved to Pieces Zipper Pouch Bags

The front side of each bag is made with 2" strips of Loved to Pieces and the friendship braid Quick Quilt As You Go pattern that I've been experimenting with more recently, that I hope to share a tutorial for soon. Each bag has a cushiony layer of Hobbs cotton batting, a colorful zipper, a fuchsia faux suede zipper pull and is lined with a Loved to Pieces print or coordinating solid for a really nice finish!


Loved to Pieces Zipper Pouch Bags

Each bag measures a generous 9"x 9" and reverses to a striping of  Loved to Pieces prints. I made sure that both colorways of this new collection are used for each bag. This collection is so good for 
scrappy patchwork!

Loved to Pieces Zipper Pouch Bag Back

Stripey Back

The zipper colors I chose were inspired by the blues and greens in this pretty collection. I added a silk tiered tassel charm to this one and I love it!

With Anthro Tassel

Loved to Pieces Inspired Zippers

One bag has been filled with goodies and will be offered in a special Giveaway today on my Instagram, one I'll be sending to Mathew as a thank you/congratulatory gift, and the remaining eighteen bags will be available for purchase in my Etsy shop! Each bag in my shop will come with a surprise freebee gift and a small scrap pack of leftover Loved to Pieces 2" strips! I also have ten silk tassel charms available if you'd like to add one to your bag purchase, just be sure to let me know on Etsy when you order!

Suprise Freebee & Loved to Pieces Scrap Bundle with Each

For today's special Giveaway prize I'm offering everything shown below -- a Loved to Pieces flat bottom zipper pouch bag with a silk tiered tassel charm, a six-piece bundle of Loved to Pieces prints, a spool of fuchsia Aurifil 40 wt perfect for hand piecing, an Omnigrid ruler, Dritz seam ripper, vintage needlecase kit, fabric quilt labels, a variety of EPP papers from Love, Patchwork & Quilting magazine and Dritz, plus a notepad, quilters graph paper notebook and sticker set from Art Gallery Fabrics!

Loved to Pieces Blog Party GIVEAWAY!

Can you believe that everything shown here fits inside one of my bags!

Blog Party Prize!

I hope you've enjoyed my stop on Mister Domestic's Loved to Pieces Blog Tour! It's such an honor to be amongst this amazing line up of designers:

I hope that we all inspire you to sew with Loved to Pieces!

Be sure to visit my Etsy Shop if you're interesting in ordering one of my Loved to Pieces Bags and be sure to visit my Instagram today at noon EST to enter my special Loved to Pieces GIVEAWAY!

Loved to Pieces Blog Party GIVEAWAY!

xo Maureen


  1. Love the addition of this line of fabric. Great to win too!

  2. Was on IG at noon EST and no giveaway ...

    1. I was a few minutes late because I had a phone call, but posted it maybe 12:05. It's live!

    2. Thank you for responding, I entered on IG now. I have a layer cake of AGF fabrics I am pondering what to do with them - Loved to Pieces collection is the bomb!

  3. The bag is so cute and You must have had to use a shoe horn to get all of those goodies in that bag. Everything is GREAT!

    1. I know it, I just kept adding to the bag until it nothing else would fit! :)

  4. Hi Maureen! I am so sad to hear your husband had Lyme and Babiosis. Both of those tick borne ailments are very awful. As an olden nurse, I suggest you keep an eye on your sweetums, sometimes it comes back!!!
    My prayers of course. Ticks have been plentiful this year. They are pests

    Your bags are always so beautiful. In Mathew's fabrics, these bags are really pretty.
    I hope there will be no more drama at your place. Thank you for having a blog party for Mathew. He is very inspiring and his fabric is really sweet

    1. Hi! My husband is a nurse, as well, and we'll absolutely be keeping an eye on his health. We live in an area where Lyme's disease is so common, it's so scary! I took the tick off of him back in early June and he was tested right away once he started having symptoms but it was negative. It took another month before it advanced to Bell's Palsy. Hopefully he will continue to recover wonderfully just as he has been!


  5. So sorry about the Bells Palsy and the ticks. They can be deadly, so glad you got it figured out. Love the bags and the fabric. AGF has such amazing designers, of which you are one of my favorites, of course. Thanks.

  6. Hi Maureen!
    I've been following your blog for quite some time. I'm your fans. I would be happy if you could answer my comment

  7. I don't have an IG account but it is a lovely giveaway. So sorry about the illness. Those ticks are bad news. I never go out without bug spray.

  8. Your bags are always so beautiful. I love Mister Domestics' first fabric collection, love the color combos. I live in the Shenandoah Valley and tick borne diseases is something we are on the lookout for. Hope your husband continues to improve. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway. grinnie1961 at gmail dot com

  9. I love this fabric and these are MY colors. The bag is a cute design too. Wow, that is a LOT of stuff to fit in that bag.

  10. Lovely bags! You always inspire me! I am in Northern Virginia, every time my husband goes into the woods, he gets a tick on him. They are bad this year.

  11. These fabrics are gorgeous! I somehow missed this post when it came out.
    My son had had Bell's Palsy twice, and both times he had taken Mucinex for his sinuses. The last time, he was left with paralysis on one side of his face. He contacted the company, and they were very concerned. They wanted him to come for testing, but there was no way he could take off work that long. Glad your husband is doing better.

  12. Great. I like it. You are wonderfull.


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