Monday, July 16, 2018

A Tutorial: Whole Cloth Quilted Journal Covers!

Whole Cloth Quilted Journal Covers

I've been away from this space for a few weeks while family has been visiting and we all traveled to Corolla, NC for our annual beach vacation. While I was away I missed sharing here and today I’m so excited to jump back in with this fun, kid friendly tutorial that I created as part of Janome’s Summer Sewing Camp!

These Whole Cloth Journal Covers are a new favorite make of mine, are a great project to get beginner sewists of any age comfortable with machine quilting and in the end, you’ll have a useful and pretty project to enjoy!

My Janome 2018 Sewing Summer Camp Project

For this set of Whole Cloth Quilted Journals I used my Sisterhood and Blooming Ground Luscious prints from my brand new Flower Child fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabrics. I chose to make these covers whole cloth vs the pieced and stitched patchwork projects you're used to seeing from me to showcase the beauty of these favorite Flower Child prints of mine! I hope that choosing pretty fabrics to make your own journals will be your favorite part of the process!

In addition to choosing the perfect fabrics to feature as the journal cover fronts, you'll need a coordinating lining fabric, thread, Hobbs Tuscany 100% cotton batting and standard composition notebooks.

Journal Supplies


As a Janome Maker I recently started sewing with the Janome Horizon Quilt Maker Memory Craft 15000, an amazing sewing and embroidery machine full of built-in stitches and incredible features! For this tutorial I used a built-in wavy quilting stitch set at different stitch widths and lengths to give the look of free-motion quilting done effortlessly with my Janome machine!

Built-In Wavy Quilting

Quilted Front

You can follow this link -- Whole Cloth Quilted Journal Covers to download the complete instructions for my Summer Camp project! While you're there, be sure to check out the full list of Janome 2018 Sewing Summer Camp projects created by my fellow Janome Makers!

Finished Journals

I hope you love making these journals as much as I do! Be sure to let me know if you give them a go and be sure to tag me @MaureenCracknell and add #MaureenCracknell & #JanomeCamp18 when you share. If you'd like to make some of your own using Flower Child, you can find these fabrics widely available in your favorite online fabric shop. If you're need of help finding any of my fabrics, you can leave me a comment anytime!

Finished Flower Child Journals

I'm so happy to back in this space, I've missed it! I hope you're all having a wonderful Summer!

xo  Maureen 


  1. Maureen, this is so cute. I like it and will make a few!!
    Thank you for the pattern

  2. Love them and the quilting you used. Serpentine and wavy lines are some of my favorites. I also use these notebooks for journaling.

    1. Thank you! I have so many pf these notebooks filled with my kids stories, diary entries, school work and sketches from the over the years. Treasures!

  3. Cuteness! I shall try this with two elementary age girls that want to sew.
    Thank you for the tutorial. Missed your posts too!
    For me to make too for a few planners. so I'm anxiously awaiting Autumn's almost August:)


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