Friday, December 1, 2017

Handmade Buffalo Check : :

Handmade Buffalo Check Bags

Happy December 1st! I'm having the most fun sewing at my new studio these days! You may have noticed that I've been keeping pretty busy stitching items to sell this holiday season. While I've been sewing I've spent so much time thinking about what I plan to offer at my new studio, once I'm able to open the doors to invite people in. Local shopping, lessons and sewing get-togethers are all at the top of my list, but lately I'm feeling most excited about this new opportunity to sell the things I make. I enjoy so much making and selling in my Etsy shop, as well as having the occasional Instagram or special sale right here. Now that my work space is so much larger, for the first time I'm able to offer large batches of each new item I stich up and it's really exciting! I'm hoping to continue this new assembly line sewing trend I'm in to completely stock my new studio with as many gift items as I can for once I'm ready to open. But for now, my focus is on sewing for this holiday and I'm in love with today's new item up for sale!

Handmade Buffalo Check Bags

These Handmade Buffalo Check Zipper bags were completely inspired by the holiday stockings that I made last year this time, using Art Gallery Fabrics Solid Textured Denim in Scarlet Brick, a heavy weight cotton denim, paired with AGF Pure Elements Caviar and Aurora Red!

Buffalo Plaid Stocking

So much of our house becomes covered with red and black plaid during the winter months. From kitchen towels to bed sheets, it's the Cracknell's favorite print this time of year!

To make my own to turn into bags I cut 2" strips of both the denim and the solid cottons to make my patchwork and then I used qayg to quilt them to a layer of cotton batting. The combination of the heavy weight denim with the layer of batting on both sides, make these bags nice and sturdy. And for the lining I used my brand new Love Story Daring Tribal Noir print that goes perfectly!

Buffalo Check Bag lined in Love Story

These bags reverse to the same handmade buffalo plaid on both sides and they're each finished with a cherry red felted wool ball zipper pull!

Buffalo Check Bags

Buffalo Check Bags

I shared a peek of these in my Instagram stories last night and already sold a bunch, hooray! I have just eight remaining for $25 each. They measure 8" x 8" and have a bottom with boxed corners making them perfect for gift-giving and roomy enough for makeup, travel, art supplies, epp & knitting projects, etc... and I can see my boys and husband using these for their travel needs, as well!

If you're interest in placing an order you can leave your Paypal email in the comments or you can email me at anytime!

So how about you, are you busy sewing anything to gift or sell this holiday season?

xo Maureen 


  1. Maureen, I love this bag. I like buffalo check very much.
    I do have a tiny bit of dread and fear about the colors red and black together, but that is just a childhood memory.
    That makes me think about my mom. She went to Heaven last year October, so she has been gone over a year. I do miss her.
    She lived in Rotterdam Netherlands all of her life as a kid and young adult. She hated the colors red and black - those were horrible colors of the Nazis. My mom worked for the resistance and saw so much suffering, killing, death, and sadness. I never wore red and black together as a kid, and I think I consciously tried not to as an adult.
    Isn't that rather sad to carry as a burden? Well, I do acknowledge it and try to accept these colors as often as I can, and remind myself that the colors are just colors.
    I do love the fabrics very very much. Everything you make is beautiful.
    Sorry I dumped all of this on you haha Happy Christmas making dear Maureen ❤️

    1. Thank you for sharing your heart Rosemary. Merry Christmas!

    2. Thank you for sharing that here, Rosemary! Happy holidays to you!!

  2. Would love one of these! My email

    1. Thank you Cris! You got the last one!! :)

    2. I love plaid, and this bag, I think I'm going to make a few and donate to local shelter to a teenager fill it with fun, encouraging and thought provoking gifts for Christmas.. I love your vision ..
      Happy and Merry Christmas

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