Friday, September 8, 2017

Scrappy Strings & a Detash!

Love Story Pillows

With each new collection I receive a set of strike offs -- large swatch fabric samples of my designs that are printed in a very short run just so we can take a look and make final approvals before sending the finalized designs to the mill for mass printing. It's always so exciting to photograph these little special pieces of fabric to announce each new collection!

Love Story pompoms

Once we get everything just right, I use the strike offs to make as many sample projects as I can for International Quilt Market and the collection LookBook. At next month's Fall Quilt Market in Houston I'll be showing a brand new collection due out this late winter\early spring, and I'm expecting those strike offs to arrive any day! This is why I've spent so much time sewing with Love Story these past two week. Once the next set arrives, I'll be so busy preparing for Quilt Market and Love Story will be shipping right after I return back home. I just wanted to give a little explanation behind my current sewing projects, incase it seems like I'm jumping away ahead. Hopefully sharing my Love Story projects has you excited for it's release! I have just two more projects planned for this weekend and then I'll be taking a little break with this collection to stitch with Soulful and for secret sewing with the next collection (which I cannot wait to show you, eeek!!)

The best way I know how to make the most of a set of strike offs, that will ensure they stretch into as many completed projects as possible, is to start by cutting colorful scrappy strips in random sizes from each print. Using my Quick Quilt As You Go technique and the herringbone style I love so much they seem to really go the distance. My current Love Story project count is at eight finished samples and I have more than half of what I received left to use. hooray!

Love Story Strings

Today I thought I'd share a couple more Love Story finishes. Including a third zipper pouch using herringbone qayg, of course!

Love Story Zipper Pouches

Zipper Red

A Herringbone Zipper Pouch

I recently finished this scrappy string pillow and decided to attach my qayg blocks to form an X pattern, thinking it will be really cute and very fitting to come up with an O patchwork pattern to make a cute pair!

Love Story X strings

Beside Love Story sewing, this week I cleaned and reorganized my studio to make room for the new fabrics that will be arriving any day. Which means it's time for a Scrap Bundle Destash! I typically offer these on my Instagram but I wanted to announce here first incase anyone is interested in a studio scrap bundle? Just let me know!

Making Fabric Scrap Bag!

Scrap Bag Destash

Scrap Bundles will include 2+ yards of fabric for $20 each plus shipping, and they are perfect for scrappy string projects!! If you'd like one feel free to leave your Paypal email address in the comment section under this post or feel free to email me at Thanks in advance for helping me destash and for stopping by!

xo Maureen


  1. YES!!! Scrap bundle of your fabrics!!! I'm interested!! I want to make some of those zippered pouches, and some larger totes and pillows!!!

  2. Yes Please! Paypal is - thank you!

    1. Thank you! I just sent the invoice you're way! :)

  3. How fun! I'd love one of these for my current project. Thank you!

  4. I'd love 2 for projects -

  5. I sent you a message to your e-mail. I'd love one or two!

  6. I would love 2 of your bundles....@sew_becky

  7. I would love 1 bundle please.

  8. Your projects are so inspiring and so lovely.
    I am just so in love with your fabrics 🌺

  9. I'd love one bundle please, thanku'!!

  10. One bundle please.

  11. If there are any left, PayPal email is

  12. I'd love to have several bundles, if any are left! I'll send you my email once you let me know if you've still got any, that is! Thanks. My email is ktshively(at)hotmail(com)

  13. Hello...if there are any bundles left, I would like to purchase one. Thanks. commented earlier, but I don't see my request. Probably operator error!

  14. I would love one!

  15. If there are any bundles left, I'd love to grab one! My email address is Thanks!

  16. I hope I'm not too late. My email address is

  17. If you have any left I would LOVE to buy a bundle. My paypal address is

  18. If you still have any bundles left I would love to be included in your destash! is my PayPal address

  19. I would like one bundle please.


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