Friday, August 25, 2017

Love Story Sewing : :

When I sat down to sew Wednesday morning, after the kids were all off to school, I was a little bit overwhelmed by everything I had been waiting to make now that I finally had the time. Where should I start? There is just so much to do! Other than stitching up my weekly Sewcial Bee Sampler blocks, preparing my Soulful booth for this past Spring Quilt Market and filling the Etsy order that come through each day, I haven't been sewing much these past several weeks. I've been dealing with severe and relentless autoimmune issues for months now and I've been so centered on designing, which is exactly where my focus needed to be when I was blessed with a little time to work during our busy Summer days. But now I have time, hours to create without interruption and I'm overcome with possibilities. And so, I decided to start with the most exciting task at hand -- Love Story sewing!

Love Story pompoms

I won't be showing Love Story at Fall Quilt Market, I have a brand new collection due out in March to debut (hooray!) but I still need to make as many strike off samples as I can for the November LookBook. It's so exciting to sew with these little pieces of fabric! It's both exhilarating and hugely rewarding. Holding months of hard work in your hands feels like another dream fulfilled. I eased into my checklist, beginning with a couple of drawstring bags inspired by this tutorial by Svetlana of s.o.t.a.k. handmade. One with red pompoms from the Target dollar section and one in my favorite herringbone qayg. I love them both!

Love Story Drawstring Bag

Love Story Herringbone Drawstring Bag

Whenever a new collection arrives I like the prints themselves to influence so much of what I decide to make, and my Flower Stamp print inspired me straight away!

Flower Stamp

Love Story Inspired

Simple raw edge applique with navy Aurifil thread from my Bohemian Garden thread set worked perfectly for recreating my flower design. To pair with this Flower Stamped Applique pillow I made a second with a first attempt at a pineapple quilt block inspired QAYG. I love how this pillow duo turned out, especially with this pretty blue AGF denim!

Love Story Patchwork

Love Story Pillow

I hope these project have you excited to sew with Love Story!! I am counting down the days and will have many more Love Story projects to share in the days and weeks ahead. I promise to be back Monday with some Soulful sewing!!

Have a great weekend! XX Maureen


  1. Maureen, these are just beautiful!! I can't wait for this fabric!!

  2. Maureen, I am loving "Love Story"!

  3. I love this fabric, of course.
    The flower prints are my favorites, always. I adore flowers
    I also love the stars on the red and blue on white.
    Is that a lace print in the white and light peachy beige? I love that too. Your creations are absolutely adorable, and so inspiring

  4. Beautiful projects. Love the pillows.

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