Monday, December 19, 2016

Handmade in Buffalo Plaid : :

For me, the most festive holiday fabric has to be the red and black Buffalo Check! I have loved this particular plaid since I was a young teenager working at a local shop that carried mostly Woolrich, the company who created and trademarked The Original Buffalo Check in the mid 1800's. Late last week I decided to make my own modern version of this print for a new holiday stocking to hang and I LOVE how it turned out!

Buffalo Plaid Stocking

Using a combination of AGF's heavyweight Scarlet Brick Texture Denim with Pure Element solids in Caviar and London Red I made just enough patchwork to finish this Quick Quilt As You Go Stocking!

Buffalo Plaid Stocking

For the lining I used a lighter weight AGF Denim in Wicked Sky, and my hanger is made out of felted red wool. I'm not sure I'd use the wool again and much prefer a denim loop for hanging, like I added to my previous stockings. I will absolutely be making several more of these, using the same fabrics as soon as they arrive, just with different embellishments.

Buffalo Plaid Stocking lined with Denim

This was my first attempt at using the very popular Buck Forest print for an ornament to adorn my stocking with. It's not without flaws but what a perfect pair!

Buck Forest Ornament

This holiday I have enjoyed making all of these new handmade stockings the most of all!

How about you, have you been making handmade to decorate or to gift these past few weeks? I always love reading what you're up to!

♡ Maureen 


  1. Your rendition of Buffalo Check is stunning-I love it, too! I've been making stockings for my family ❤️️

  2. You are so super talented!!! Love all that beautiful stockings that you made. Have the best holiday season:)

  3. I made a stocking with Holly Hobby fabric and embellished with doilies - My sister loved it! Stockings are such a fun project to do - so quick - with so much reward when the recipient receives it!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Love your fabric combination!
    no, I haven't sewn any handmade stockings!

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