Monday, August 29, 2016

An Hourglass Quilt Top : :

This weekend we made time to photograph two new quilt tops and I'm so excited to share both of them here on the blog this week!

First up, a scrappy hourglass quilt featuring Bonnie Christine's latest collection with AGF, Hello, Ollie!

Hello, Ollie Hourglass Quilt

Hello, Ollie is the very first certified organic cotton fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabrics and the quality is absolutely amazing! These truly are the softest, most luxurious organic fabrics I have ever used. Hello, Ollie is a beautiful mix of soft & delicate hues with fun pops of color, and is packed full of sweet feathered creatures and garden blooms!

Hello, Ollie by Bonnie Christine

When this collection arrived we were in the thick of Summer break, where a week would quickly go by with little to no sewing time for this mama to three. In an effort to begin a new Hello, Ollie quilt with very high hopes that I might actually finish it up, I settled on one of my go-to pattern favorites for producing a pretty but speedy quilt using the hourglass block. The "make four at a time" method I use makes for quick work, and in no time I had all the blocks needed for a generous throw size quilt top!

Hello, Ollie Hourglass Quilt

Hello, Ollis Hourglass Blocks

There's a beautiful maple farm about forty minutes from our home that happens to have pond where two swans actually live. The moment I finished this quilt top I've been waiting for the chance to photograph it at this perfect spot, and then a week ago when we ventured there for brunch I completely forgot about it! I'm still kicking myself for that one, but this pretty tree shot from Saturday almost made me forget about it. It's my favorite photo from the bunch!

Hello, Ollie Hourglass Quilt

Isn't it dreamy! When it comes to photographing these light, feathery quilt tops the slightest bit of wind can make it impossible to take photos while my husband holds it steady. Seeking out special trees like this one and the split rail wood fencing we're so lucky to have throughout the areas surrounding my hometown are perfect substitutes!

Hello, Ollie Hourglass Quilt

I plan to back this quilt with a sea of swans using Bonnie's Swanlings Bevy in Nightfall print!

Hello, Ollie Swans Quilt Back

And, once it's completely finished I promise to find my way to those swans!

You can find this beautiful Hello, Ollie collection newly available at Fat Quarter Shop, Llama Fabrics, and on SALE at Lady Belle Fabric!

♡ Maureen  


  1. Lovely quilt Maureen!

  2. Love the combination of fabric!
    Certainly want sew this one up.
    Thanks for inspiration.

  3. Beautiful quilt. The backing is perfect. Love your photography settings.

  4. Gorgeous! Where can I find the quilt pattern?

  5. Beauty both the quilt top and the photographs

  6. I love how you combine different fabric colors and patterns and make it all work. I used your tutorial for making hourglass blocks and it's so easy. I'm looking forward to incorporating such blocks in a quilt someday.


    1. Thanks!! I love how quick it is! I'll be sharing a Nightfall hourglass quilt soon that looks really cool because of how I arranged the colors. I can't wait to have it back, it's off being photographed for the LookBook now. :)

  7. Beautiful quilt! Love the places you use for photographing the quilts. Enjoy hearing about your surroundings too!

  8. Bravo for this post Without going to "Like" a small retweet often I use to mark my approval, even when I have nothing to say in comments.


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