Monday, August 1, 2016

A Birthday Gift Set : :

Haila & I spent this past Saturday morning sewing up a special gift set for her best friend's birthday and I had to show it off today!

A Birthday Gift Set

She loves the drawstring backpack I made for her last week and REALLY wanted her friend to have one, too!

Inspired by the personalized drawstring pouches we made together earlier in the Summer, Haila chose Bari J.'s gorgeous Joie De Vivre collection and began her project by fussy cutting her friend's initials, A.R. from the Joyeux Alphabet panel. This time, I just had to guide Haila while she created a log cabin style block using my quick quilt as you go method to be the front of the backpack. She's getting so good!

Backpack Lace Details

Haila wanted to embellish this backpack with the same lace details that I had added to hers. The combination of these colorful fabrics, denim, and lace is so pretty!

Pretty Lining

For the lining she chose this sweet, pink Joie De Vivre floral. She did such a great job!

Alphabet Backpack Details

I think I'm most proud of how well she quilted the reverse side of the backpack. Her stitch consistency has come such a long way since that very first simple, quilted pillow we made together when she was just beginning to learn. I love it!

Quilted by Haila

A little matching pouch from the scraps made such an adorable set!

Alphabet Pouch to Match

The little pouch measures a 5.5" x 7.5" and the drawstring backpack measures 12" x 15" finished. Since these turned out so perfect, I'm thinking I might pass the bag-making torch off to Haila for a little while, so I can get back to more quilt making! I'm hoping to start a new one today using April's new Observer collection, I shared a little peek of my plan just now on my Instagram!

You can find these lovely Joie de Vivre fabrics in stock at Fat Quarter Shop and Llama fabrics!

♡ Maureen  


  1. She did a beautiful job -- her friend will love it! :)

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  3. The bag and backpack are so pretty and so elegant; I'm sure her friend will enjoy using both for many years! Beautiful work, Haila!!

  4. Beautiful job Haila. I'm so glad to hear that she is carrying on the art of sewing and quilting. So many memories of my mom teaching me starting at age 9.


  5. Oh my so it!

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