Wednesday, July 27, 2016

From Scraps : :

Immediately after finishing Haila's pretty drawstring bag, I collected the odd Fleet & Flourish, Tapestry fabric, and AGF Denim scraps scattered throughout my sewing room floor and turned them into a sweet matching pillow. I carried on sewing with the same herringbone pattern and added lace embellishments that I have loved using so much lately!

A Little Lace Pillow

It's a cute little pillow, barely fitting the 14" pillow insert that's stuffed in there so tightly, but I'm sure over time, after a little use, it will look just perfect! I always make my pillow covers a little smaller than the size of the pillow insert I plan to use. They always settle a little and I love them to stay looking nice and full!

Lace Pillow Binding

Nothing went to waste in the making of this quick project - even the pillow back is finished with more scraps and a little linen.

Lace Pillow Back

For the binding I used the very last of that BIG role of Hello, Bear Summit in Twilight binding I made a few months back. I love the combination of each fabric & trim that makes up this pillow, pretty, pretty!

Lace Pillow Details

I especially love it paired with the Fleet & Flourish pillow I made for last year's Fall Quilt Market to showcase my Miniments and Lace in Bloom prints. Doesn't in make a lovely set?

Lace Pillow Favorie

A Little Lace Pillow

I think they look so beautiful together, tossed on the Anthropologie Victoriana Silk Throw blanket that I received for Christmas last year!

Lace Pillow Love

I've been working, slowly, on building up my handmade inventory in the hopes of having a local pop-up shop around the holidays or possibly here online, and both of these pillows have been added to the pile!

♡ Maureen  


  1. Beautiful! Makes me want to make another pillow... Too bad my project list is so long already. :)

  2. And how could you NOT!?! The lace adds such elegant detail!

  3. So beautiful and love the laces you added,dazzling!

  4. I love the lace embellishments, adds great depth and texture.


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