Monday, June 13, 2016

Summer Scrap Pouches : :

This past weekend I definitely got everything I wanted and more for my birthday -- handmade cards from my favorite little people, a beautiful yummy cake, lots & lots of flowers, perfect weather for a picnic spent in the sun with my big wonderful family, and a few extra moments of peace -- it was pretty much perfect!

My 35th Birthday Cake


Perfect Day!

There wasn't time for sewing, but late last week I had turned the narrow, short scraps leftover from my latest pillow into a quick quilt as you go pouch inspired by my friend Svetlana's drawstring bag tutorial to share today! Then this morning I woke up and made another, this time using up some of my Nightfall strike off scraps. These are so much fun to make!!

Summer Pouches from Scraps

For the denim pouch I quilted both the outer and inner fabrics to cotton batting scraps and it turned out a little too thick in my opinion, although it's super cute! 

Summer Pouch from Pillow Scraps

It's very sturdy from the extra layer, but I much prefer my second attempt with a thinner lining in Art Gallery Fabrics' new Soft Sand Linen and the boxed out corners. I love how this one came together!

Strike Off Scraps

Before Finishing

Lined Scrap Pouches

To keep it simple for the second pouch I used two lengths of Renaissance Ribbon for the ties, rather than the double folded binding in denim I made for the first one. Easy peasy!

Finished with Ribbon

From Nightfall Scraps

I'm really looking forward to getting creative making these little pouches all Summer long, trying out new techniques and finishing details with each new one, all while using up my overflowing scraps! Love that!

♡ Maureen  


  1. These are just darling, Maureen. Did you quilt as you go the outer side of the second pouch?

    1. Thanks! Yes, just not the inner lining. It was really unnecessary to add batting and structure to the lining, but I'm happy I tried it. :)

  2. Happy belated Birthday Maureen! It sounds like you had a wonderful day. I am so happy for you.

  3. �� Happy Birthday ��

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  5. So cute! I'll definitely be trying this, I love using scraps! :)

  6. Yes a big applause for this article, you have a way of saying things natural way, simple and so true, I pull my hat to you !!

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  8. Happy belated Birthday! Sound like a wonderful, relaxing day.


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