Friday, May 6, 2016

A Diamond Star Pillow : :

Diamond Star Pillow

On Monday I blogged my little stack of newly denim bound, scrappy Nightfall pillows and asked for you to share some thoughts on all the Quilt Market prep sewing & sharing, and today I'm back to say thank YOU for all of your kind comments and to begin sharing each pillow in a little more detail! I honestly thought I'd receive a more balanced mix of opinions in regards to asking if you find it inspiring or a bit overdone to see so much leading up to the show, and in my case a couple of months before the new fabrics are available. It was so nice to read that the great majority of those of you who took the time to chime in truly enjoy watching the process. Thank you for sharing that with me! Whether you enjoy following along with all the Nightfall sewing or maybe not so much, reality is that once the Quilt Market show wraps in just a few weeks, I'll be back to waiting for Nightfall's release along with all of you! I hear more sample pieces are on the way, but for right now, I'm completely out & done with Nightfall sewing until August when yardage is available and the collection hits stores!

Nightfall Pillows

When I set out to make these pillows I was down to just the very narrow strip and scrap pieces left from creating my Nightfall quilts. I knew I'd have to get creative and decided a great start & theme for these pillows would be "the stars," inspired by my Magical Gust and Luminaries prints!

Night Air & Sky

For this first pillow I decided to make a "diamond star" shape using the Quick Quilt As You technique I teach in my Craftsy Class!

Diamond Star Pillow

I started by patch-working several little squares for the pillow's center and from there I simply stitched and flipped, just as I do when teaching my Craftsy class projects, working my way out to the corners. Most of the strip pieces I used were just 1" in width, but Quilt As You Go is such a great way to use even the tiniest scraps!

Diamond Star Butterfly Stripe

I especially love this colorful Butterfly strip leftover from my Moon Stories in Ash print!

Diamond Star Butterfly Strip

For the pillow back I used up the rest of my Moon Stories in Ash strike off, building off of my bunnies with more patches and strips!

Diamond Stars Pillow Back

I finished this pillow with my favorite AGF Smooth Solid Cool Foliage denim binding! It fits a 14" pillow form and I love that by adding the insert is curves out the shape of my star a little, giving it a more rounded shape that more mimics the shape of the stars in my Luminaries print!

Diamond Star Pillow

I'll be back soon with more star pillows! I've been sharing as many project peeks as I can on my Instgram & Facebook page as I sew away, so feel free to follow me there, as well. Today I hope to finish the quilting & binding on my Nightfall QAYG Owl Quilt!

Nighftall QAYG Owl Quilt

Wishing you all a lovely weekend! ♡ Maureen


  1. I look forward to seeing what you will create each day, Maureen. Love the idea of using up every bit of that beautiful fabric with quilt as you go on your "star" pillow....Isn't it great to settle down and finish the binding of your very creative owl quilt. Enjoyed every feature. susie.

  2. I love your style of quilt as you go!

  3. thanks so much for your willingness to share your inspiration and projects - it is a highlight of my day to see your posts!
    looking forward to seeing you at Market!!

  4. I love these pillows and can't wait until this fabric is released. All of your fabric has been beautiful, but this one speaks to me more than the others. I'm not sure if it's the owls or the bunnies. lol

  5. Your work is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

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    Good luck

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