Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Gentle Mantle Binding : :

It was nearly two months ago when I decided on my Gentle Mantle in Land, Fleet & Flourish stripe to use for binding my Diamond Weave Quilt. Two months, oh where does the time go?!

Gentle Mantle in Land for Binding

That day I cut a little more than a 1/2 yard piece from the bolt and haven't touched it since. Well, yesterday I finally made the time to turn it into binding, a nice big roll to finish up my quilt with extra to use on future projects.

This blue, peach, aqua, and red colorway is my very favorite of this particular print. The colors look so pretty all curled together, I had to take a picture to share!

Binding Stripes

And I didn't stop there, I continued until my quilt was bound & completely finished!

Newly Bound

Gentle Mantle was the perfect choice for this quilt, I can't wait to get photos so you can see!

Bound in Gentle Mantle Stripe

I might have to make a few neatly bound pillows to match!

Gentle Mantle Binding

How about you, what are you working on these days?

♡ Maureen


  1. it's so gorgeous Maureen! Those colors are so perfect!

  2. Oh Maureen, such great fabric for binding!!! I am sure you are glad on finishing your quilt also!!! I am currently working on my 3rd month for the magic friendship medallion quilt from intrepid thread, some blocks from the splendid sampler, a top for kinship quilters and a bad for knitting supplies for a friend. and I have a couple of others that need quilting and then binding. sounds too much but im working on it!! thanks for sharing the update!! I have to say working on your fabrics for the medallion is unbelievable!!! they are so nice,the prints, the color combinations, all, perfect! great work!!!

  3. Trying desperately to find the time to finish my QAYG Double Wedding Ring quilt for my sister before she is here next month. I'm on the borders, finally, and am having "writers block" about what the quilting should look like - gah.

  4. Maureen, I just finished a baby quilt inspired by your herringbone quilts. I will post on your Facebook page when I edit the pictures. Thanks for inspiring me every time I turn to your blog.

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  6. Love it!!! Love everything you do!

  7. Thats very lovely.. I am finally digging into fabric I have collected since I have had for say about 4 years, bundles I bought like rockin romance, my favorite of all time, make 24 inch blocks into a shabby chic quilt..

  8. Beautiful work as always, so inspiring! I really need to make more time to sew. And I need to start your craftsy class I purchased awhile ago. What are those little bags behind that pretty Singer? Can you share a pic and pattern? Thanks for sharing your talented work!

  9. Love that binding. I have a binding to get put on a quilt that I finished 3 weeks ago. Gotta get it finished and in the mail.

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