Thursday, February 18, 2016

Floral Dance : :

For each fabric print, there's a story. For me that begins with a simple sketch. There are memories and emotions attached to each print, almost always involving my children since we do most of our non-sewing creating together. I recently shared on Instagram a little snapshot of a watercolor sketch I painted this past Summer that I had completely forgotten about. It was so nice to take a moment to reflect on such a special memory -- my kids and I painting together out on the deck after breakfast, and how my painted cluster of flowers became one of my most favorite Fleet & Flourish fabrics! Since I'm hoping to cut into my Wreathed Whiff print today to continue work on my HST whip, I thought I'd continue with sharing a little bit more about this print's story!

In Fabric Form!

If you look back at the very first photo I shared on Instagram under my collection hashtag #FleetandFlourishFabrics, you'll find this photo. I took it this past Summer on an evening when Haila and I had picked flowers from the yard, scattered them onto the table outside, and sat and drew together until almost dark. That night we filled pages and pages with little flowers and leaves and we named this little sketch "Floral Dance".

Wreathed Whiff orginal sketch

Just a few extra leaves and flowers needed to be added to round it out, but it didn't change all that much from original sketch to printed fabric!

Wreathed Whiff

With the help of my friend and sponsor Julie, owner of The Intrepid Thread, we had my original sketch printed into coloring postcards to be included with any Fleet & Flourish fabric purchase from her shop!

with printed fabric

While I haven't quite found the right words to accurately convey just how incredible and special it is now to reach for fabrics that I've designed when I sew, I know that those of you who have been so supportive and encouraging over the years understand what a dream this is for me. Adding this print to the very center of the quilt I'm working on now, feels is as if I just framed that special memory of Haila and I sketching together.

With HST Whip

I'm hoping to add bunches more of our Floral Dance to this quilt as I continue to work on it throughout the rest of the week and this weekend. I'll be back soon with more!

With HST Whip

♡ Maureen


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  2. What a sweet memory and such a beautiful way to preserve it! This is my fave fabric in the line!

  3. Thanks for sharing your story...I had thought when you added the centre motive it had enhanced the square however with the story it made it soooo very special

  4. That's awesome. That's a great way to commemorate it.

  5. I think it's pretty exciting seeing your artwork on fabric. Your story is very inspiring.

  6. Beautiful memory frozen forever in time in your beautiful fabric! Simply perfect!

  7. I love it!!! You are so talented. I just love the colors.

  8. Gorgeous work as always!

  9. I adore that fabric, so beautiful.

  10. Love your new fabric line. The piece you designated for coloring would be gorgeous as an embroidery pattern. I'd love to purchase it printed for embroidery....Just a thought!

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