Monday, August 31, 2015

A Cultivate Doll Quilt : :

Today is my stop on the Cultivate Fabric Blog Tour!

Cultivate Blog Tour

Cultivate is beautiful fabric collection inspired by designer Bonnie Christine's love for gardening! It's both Earthy and feminine, full of delicate blooms, garden patches, roots, seeds, and fresh cut flower bouquets. The color palette is a unique combination of peachy pink citrus hues, herbal greens, and warm nutmeg tones that I completely adore!

Cultivate by Bonnie Christine

There's such a sweetness to Bonnie's fabrics that work so well for stitching up children's items and so, I was inspired to try something new for my stop on the tour, a fun little doll quilt!

Cultivate Doll Quilt

Cultivate Doll Quilt

I began by making a small whole cloth quilt, basting a Cultivate favorite to a slightly larger layer of soft, cotton batting and a Winged butterfly print backing fabric. I kept the quilting simple, adding even, vertical quilt stitches in a pretty pink shade of an Aurifil cotton 40wt to highlight the beautiful blush colored roses!

Aurifil & Binding

Since I wanted to make this doll quilt similar to a miniature sleeping bag, I set aside the first quilt piece and began work on the top layer. For this I created the pattern as I sewed, using my go-to quilting as you go. I started by making teensy hourglass units that I combined with a variety of Cultivate strips and squares for a center patchwork design. For a little added detail and shimmer, I applique stitched two lengths of a Butterfly jacquard woven ribbon by Bonnie for Renaissance Ribbons. Pretty, pretty!

Ribbon Detail

Improv Patchwork

Once finished, I bound the top edge of this smaller patchwork quilt layer before attaching it to the first quilt piece I made using more of this beautiful coral stripe binding in Bonnie's Row by Row Cultivate print. This is actually the third time I've used this print for binding, it's certainly becoming a new favorite around here!

Row by Row Binding

Cultivate Doll Quilt

Simply add your favorite doll or cuddly friend and enjoy!

Cultivate Doll Quilt

Cultivate Doll Quilt

Bonnie's butterfly print from her Winged collection made the sweetest quilt back!

Winged Butterfly Back

This might just be the cutest thing I've ever made! I really want to make another just like it using more lovely Cultivate!

I hope you're feeling inspired by my project today! For more, be sure to visit the rest of the tour dates & stops right HERE! You can find these Cultivate fabrics available at Fat Quarter Shop, the Knotted Thread, and Lady Belle Fabrics, with whom I'm currently having a HUGE Cultivate bundle Giveaway!! Click HERE for a chance to win a Fat Quarter of ALL twenty prints!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!   ♡ Maureen


  1. This is just the cutest thing ever! I love it! Make me smile. :D

  2. So cute. Love the knitted dolly and kitty models.

  3. oh my word, it's the cutest ever!! I'm going to have to make one!! thanks for sharing 😘

  4. This is such a cute project to create! I enjoyed your post and sure wish I knew someone who would be able to use it. Thank you for sharing and for the spectacular give away prize! I hope that you have a wonderful creative day!

  5. Totally adorable Maureen! Thanks so much!

  6. This is sooooo adorable! And so is that cute doll & kitty. Great idea making the quilt into a sleeping bag, love the idea! I would love to make the quilt sleeping bag, the doll, & the kitty for my granddaughter for Christmas. Do you have a tutorial for the quilt & dolls? Thank you for the super fabric giveaway! Fab fat quarter. Have a wonderful week & God bless.

    1. The dolls are called Blabla dolls. My daughter has quite the collection! I plan to make many more of these little doll quilts, it was so much fun! Maybe I'll find time to share a quick tutorial sometime. Thanks, Glenda!

  7. Adorable! I love Bonnie Christine's designs, and this doll quilt/sleeping bad is just precious.

  8. I adore this quilt! And it was just so perfect that you used her Winged fabric and ribbons too!

  9. This is so cute. I wish my daughter was still into to dolls so I could make it too.

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  11. What a sweet, sweet project! I have stowed away a little bed for Ollie, Bonnie Christine's new baby girl, and I must make this for it! Maybe it would be perfect for Christmas, or her first birthday! Thank you for sharing! Maxie (Bonnie's Mom)

  12. That is toooo sweet. You put in the extra touches and love. Impressive

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