Thursday, June 18, 2015

A Scrappy Arrow Stitched Pillowcase : :

Scrappy Patchwork Arrow Stitched Pillowcase

It's been a couple of years now since I've made a pillowcase. I've made them for a pillowcase drive and with a friend, but never have I made any for our very own beds. This morning I pulled this Arrow Sketch Stitch patchwork from my work in progress basket and decided to turn it into a first quilted pillowcase for US!

Stitched Arrow

A quick glance at the Pretty Quick Pillowcase Tutorial with French seam instructions that I've always used for pillowcase-making and I felt confident turning my abandoned patchwork into something fun and useful!

I used some leftover Folk Plaid binding for the trim, easy & perfect!

Folk Plaid Trim

I found just the right piece of a Honey Pure Element solid in my scrap bin to use for the cuff. The French seams really make a perfect pillowcase finish inside and out!

Honey Cuff and French Seams

I love these colors & fabric prints so much together and my Aurifil thread arrow sketch, with all the Janome built-in stitch details, really makes it special!!

Aurifil Stitched Arrow

Haila approves, hooray!

Haila Approves!

♥ Maureen


  1. That's lovely! I made some pillowcases with science-themed fabric to send with my son to college last year. It was such a quick and satisfying project! (And he loved them!) It's nice to make things for your own family sometimes. :-)

  2. So pretty Maureen. That will really be an eye catcher on a bed.

  3. As always, beautiful work, Maureen. I love this pillowcase and your daughter is so precious! XXX

  4. Beautiful pillow ! You have the talent to make everything beautiful !

  5. Thank you for sharing, this information is useful to me,good quality.


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