Thursday, January 29, 2015

Diamond Strings in Gramercy : :

 Gramercy Plans!

I've had this gorgeous bundle of Gramercy, Leah Duncan's most recent collection for Art Gallery Fabrics, sitting on the shelf for weeks now while I wait for inspiration to strike. I just LOVE this collection! The unique combination of modern geometric and sweet floral prints, with a contrasting palette of strong black and earthy browns paired with happy yellows, blush, and azure won me over immediately. Leah captured her urban inspiration so beautifully in each print, this collection really tells a story!


This weekend when I looked back through all my finished quilt photos to pick a couple to share with AGF's Instagram followers I was reminded of my Diamond Strings Quilt, a quick quilt-as-you-go in Pat Bravo's Rock & Romance that I made for my niece Ceci. I decided right away that this quilt idea would go perfectly with Gramercy!

Rock 'n Romance Diamond Strings Quilt

As much as I love the ombré of solids happening at both the top and bottom of my first Diamond Strings, I'm not sure if the Gramercy color scheme will work just right for this part of the design. I've pulled a large stack of coordinating Pure Elements solids for a few other ideas I'm considering!

Gramercy & PE's

In order from top to bottom we have -- Patina Green, Sweet Mint, Tender Green, Fresh Water, Blueberry Zest, Canary, Empire Yellow, Peach Sherbet, Apricot Crepe, Creme de la Creme, Mocchiatto, Mink, Moonstone, and Caviar. These pretties were all pulled from my dwindling stash, but PE's Nocturnal, Quartz Pink, Ocean Waves, Mandarin, Icy Mint, and Spruce will all work perfectly!

Pure Elements

My plan is to begin cutting tonight! Between this new quilt-as-you-go plan, my Scrappy Bear Paw blocks, and my Color Spectrum medallion style quilt in the works, I think there's plenty to keep me busy!

Be sure to stop back tomorrow for my weekly fabric giveaway! See you then! ♡ Maureen   


  1. So much beautiful material, it bond to take you a while to
    decide what your design is going to be or maybe as you
    start the original idea it develops into something else.

    1. Yes, it's near impossible for me to make the same pattern twice because a new fabric choice always inspires me to take a different direction. I think I have my mind decided on this one. I'm excited!

  2. I love the solids at the top and bottom - makes a much more interesting quilt!

    1. I agree! For the Rock & Romance quilt it was an easy choice since that collection was divided into both Pink and Purple colorways. This Gramercy doesn't have that obvious color separation so, I'm going to have to get creative with how I add my solids to get a similar effect. :)

  3. ooh - can't wait to see this come together!

  4. I love the original and this one will be beautiful too, I'm sure! You sure so get and pick the prettiest fabrics!!!

  5. Do you prefer these solids over Kona?

  6. I am at the end of the line, still with Rock n Romance, which I love love... maybe I will tag along with you... I picked up some watercolor paints.. I showed my son your artist card and your fabric and he loved it. He can draw and were going to collaborate on somethings especially some fabric.. except he likes to draw Ninja stuff..;

  7. I love discovering a new quilt idea when I look at a handful of fabrics, too. The fabric always drives my quilt.

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