Wednesday, August 20, 2014

this week's sewing time

It's the last week of Summer vacation and so, since Monday, I've only been taking the sewing time I need to fill my etsy orders, which happens to be alot more than I realized when I took time to sketch my feather Sunday night. Oops! Ever so often I receive an inquiry for this Train Pillow set through my little shop. I don't offer this set as a regular listing simply because even though I really do love making these pillows, I wouldn't want to make them more than just once a month or so. I figure if someone stumbles upon my design through Pinterest or a Google search and takes the time to reach out to me, well then the time it takes for me to make these for the recipient will be time well spent!

Train PIllow Set in Moda & AGF Pures!

For all of my fabric applique pillows I love to use ThermoWeb's iron-on fabric adhesive HeatnBond Lite! To create each pillow I first prepare each fabric by fusing on the adhesive, sketching my applique train shapes right onto the paper side of the HeatnBond, cut out my shapes, iron them onto to neutral shades of solid fabric, in this case Art Gallery Fabrics Pure Elements in Light Gray & Ash. Using a light blue shade of cotton Aurifil 50wt and my satin stitch, I simply stitch around each shape to finish. It's fairly time consuming, but so worth it! These steps create such an adorable, well-made pillow!

Train PIllow Set

The back of each pillow in this set is finished in a bright aqua Amy Butler geometric print, with a little colorful touch of binding on each in Patchwork Plaid by Michael Miller!

Backed in Amy Butler with Michael Miller plaid binding Besides this order, I'm a Birthday Crown factory! I'm turning out so many of these, I rarely take the time to photograph them anymore. However this colorful set in my celebration style matched too perfectly with the Moda fabrics I used in this newest set of Train Pillows not to snap and share!

Birthday Crowns -- Celebration

Now that these are done, this afternoon I promised one last sewing session to my girl. We're making a tote bag, which I'll be sure to share soon!



  1. I do love those train sets -- so cute and clever! Enjoy the time with your kids before they're back in school!!

  2. Your train pillow set is just adorable Maureen!

  3. I just love that there was a child called Hemingway in there...

  4. Que bonitos!!!
    Me gustan mucho los de los nombres :)


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