Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Solid Beginnings : :

RJR Fabrics recently invited me to join in a blog hop to celebrate their solids collection, RJR Cotton Supreme Solids. I had a lot of fun looking through the color card and deciding what to choose for my project. There's so many color options, you can find many of them available here at Pink Castle Fabrics!

CSS Color Card

Usually I receive or purchase fabrics and then decide what they should become once the arrive, when I can see them up close, feel them, play around with grouping certain prints together, and separating their color values. With solid fabrics it's much different. Designing a project using only solids is something I haven't tried until now, although I've always wanted to!

RJR Cotton Supreme Solids

I began by simply choosing a stack of colors that I've been feeling lately. Optical White, a bright crisp neutral. One the Rock, a light stone-y gray. Flamingo, a medium peachy pink. Tropicana, a radiant coral. Slate, a muted dark blue. And Navy, an inky ultra-dark shade. By beginning with colors that I really love, it eases any worry I feel over not having a project plan, like I'm guaranteed to make something pretty if the fabrics are beautiful!

RJR Solids!

I stitched up just one block in the time I had to begin yesterday and still haven't committed to a solid plan.

Solid Modern Block

Solid Beginnings

Since this solid only project is a first for me, I thought it might be fun to make something new and different than a quilt. Maybe. An extra-large quilted floor pillow, a new Summer tote bag, a modern table runner, or even a baby quilt are a few of the possibilities I've been imagining.  Any suggestions?


  1. A pillow would be perfect for what you already have started. Maybe even a pair of them to use as shams for your bed. Great color!!

  2. I would do a baby quilt. I've been attracted to Amish-style quilts (all solids, usually a dark background) since I was a teenager and I've never gotten around to making one. Pillows are nice too.

  3. A new summer tote bag sounds really neat and then you can cut the strips even smaller.

  4. How awesome!!Can't wait to see your finished project.

  5. Because of the colors you have used, I am thinking pillow also! Lot's of stitching!!!

  6. Extra large floor pillow - I would love to see what you come up!

  7. I like the simplicity of this work and would keep it as it on a wall. It has a Japanese vibe to it, but the colour coordination and shape of the material makes it look great. My suggestion therefore is wall art.

  8. Well, not to mix it up even more, I vote for a table-runner or even a full tablecloth (table-quilt!)

  9. I think you could do it as a wall hanging. Do some great quilting. Then stagger it in with some other mini quilts. It would look amazing.

  10. The simplicity of what you have so far is amazing! I'm going to try it. It should give my eye a rest from the rest of the quilts here.
    Thanks for sharing


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