Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Happy Mail : :

I've been pretty spoiled these past couple of weeks with some amazing mail deliveries! I don't always get the chance to share what I'm stashing, but on this rainy, dark morning the new piles of bright, happy fabrics & threads sitting on the desk beside me are inspiring!

First up, Pat Bravo's new collection NouvElle, a gorgeous assortment in half yard cuts of classic Pat Bravo prints blending all that I love about modern fabric design with femininity so perfectly as she always does!

Beautiful NouvElle!

These NouvElle colors of indigo, blush & bright pinks, slate, and airy blues are so pretty! At the foundation of each Pat Bravo collection there's always a sweet floral print that, to me, ties in all together. With NouvElle I'm so excited to see the return of one of my most favorite Pat Bravo prints, Femme Metale! This gorgeous floral design was my very favorite in her Rock 'n Romance collection and I am loving it once again, only this time in Sapphire!

NouvElle -- Femme Metale in Sapphire!

Aurifil Thread so generously sent me two colorful thread sets, one in their 40 wt and one in 50 wt, including twelve large spools each, in their most popular thread colors! In addition, I was sent several sample thread packs of six spools each in fabulous colors, in a variety of weights that even includes their beautiful new floss on the cute wooden spools! Keep an eye out for a special Aurifil Giveaway soon!!

Aurifil Love!

Have you seen Rae Hoekstra's newest collection Lotus Pond for Cloud9 Fabrics? This collection is full of the most adorable, cheery & colorful nature themed fabrics! The colors are truly amazing, so vibrant and fun!

Lotus Pond Cuteness!

It was impossible to choose a collection favorite, but just as I did yesterday with my personal Meadow favorite, I have to highlight this gorgeous Kelly green diamond print! I can't get enough of this color!

Lotus Pond -- Green Diamond Print -- Love!

Also from Cloud9 Fabrics arrived this beautiful Grey Abbey collection by designer Elizabeth Olwen! The pastel palette is so soft & sweet, in prints inspired by nature and folklore, with a vintagey feel. It's so lovely! I'm really hoping we'll all get to enjoy many more fabric collaborations from Elizabeth & Cloud9 Fabrics!

Grey Abbey Gorgeousness!

Such amazing fabrics, aren't they? Now my only problem is deciding which to cut into first!  

How about you, what are you loving these days? Have you stashed anything good lately?



  1. Love that Grey Abbey. You're right, so sweet and "vintage-y" :) :)

    1. And, so versatile! I can imagine creating things for babies and for myself with any of these fabrics!

  2. Everything is very beautiful! I have to say I quite envy your job to get mail from all of these great companies. It must feel like a dream some days!

  3. Oh , I have died and gone to heaven , As Always Pat works her magic each and every time a new line of fabric comes out , and it's always a race to buy the entire line , and the of course nothing is complete until u use the matching Aurifil thread , if u haven't tried Aurifil u haven't tried the best ,your sewing machine will love u for it , not to mention u won't have to clean her out as often.
    Thank u as always for sharing your goodies with us , and for all your contest .As we so much appreciate it .

  4. Beautiful ..... I have to admit, I'm always a little jealous when folks blog about the goodies they were given .... I've bought a little bit of Aurifil and I like it, but I can't afford all the colors I want.

  5. I really like the Grey Abbey collection. I think my favorite thing about it are the little Art Deco roses in the two prints at the bottom of your picture. I think they have a specific name, but I can't remember it.

  6. First up, Pat Bravo's new collection NouvElle, will have to be my first purchase of coarse MC I have been buying since you have been blogging I truly Adore what Pat does with fabric and floral mixed with color and I do own every bit of Rock n Romance in yardage, but I only made one 18 inch block, but I do have a plan, I just need my Kids to stop having babies so I can sew for me.. But what Gandma wouldnt want another grandchild ! Right now, I have been working hard with AMH, Joel Dewberry ( I just think there should be a line called Dewberry,) Thats what we should have called that color of Aurfill thread.. Now I think of it.. oh.. and Kaffe, F. This last line is so colorful and soft and a bit thicker feeling than voile. I am using all three lines, with every stitch I have learned the last year and butterflies you inspired me with. The quilt is going to be gorgeous and I think I have found me a quilter, Have you seen Vickie's Owl quilting at Quilting Lodge.. its wonderful.. but I do like alot of the little girl whimsy fabrics and some roses I see around,too.. thats because my grandma used rose sheets for me and I know will have 4 granddaughters by christmas.. Its been fun chatting ! CYA on Instagram, since I have learned abit more about that, its been fun and easier than blogging.. Thank you for thinking of me again..Chow xo

  7. I love those blues in NouVelle! They would go well with the blue jean fabric I am always stashing. I just recently got the fabric to make the quilt on the cover of Quiltmania - it's definitely a winter quilt, flannely and dark gray and red.

  8. Aaaahhhh, the Grey Abbey collection... So nice!
    I was going to order the grey one (the one on top, third from the right) to put in the back of a baby quilt. What do you think? Is it to much?

  9. I think these would be perfect for a soft pillow.

  10. Thanks for the eye candy! =D

  11. I love those little snails and frogs!

    I am really looking forward to the new Cotton + Steel line homebody that will be at Quilt Market. I saw a sneak peek of it a while ago but it looks like it's hush hush until market. I can't wait to get it!

  12. What beautiful quilts those fabrics will become. The Grey Abbey collection is calling my name!

  13. They are all so delicious! I wouldn't be able to decide which one to play with first either :)

  14. Yummy fabrics! I can't wait to see what you make with them :)

  15. Such gorgeousness! Looking forward to seeing what you make with them!

  16. Aurifil is my absolute most favorite thread. It's pricey but for me, who is not the most advanced quilter, it's just as important as the value of the fabrics I use. I have used it for just about 20 years.... your fabrics and the threads make your artistry defines your talents..


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