Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Patchwork & Laminate Picnic Quilt Tutorial : :

A Patchwork & Laminate Picnic Quilt Tutorial

rolled up quilt

With Summer fast approaching, today I thought I'd share my tutorial for a Hand-tied Patchwork & Laminate Picnic Quilt using a simple patchwork for the quilt top and a Yellow Chevron Laminate Fabric for the back. This tutorial was originally created for the RBD blog as part of the Design Team, using their adorable Seaside Collection, which is a little hard to come by now. You can substitute with any collection of quality cotton fabrics. If you have any questions please leave a comment or feel free to email me at Now let's get started!!  

What you'll need : :
  • 24 - fabric squares measuring 11.5"
  • 2 - fabric cuts measuring 4.5" x 44"
  • 2 - yards of Laminate Fabric
  • 1 - skein of matching floss or twine (source) for hand-tying
  • white thread
  • Sewing pins (use the smallest gauge pins you can find, to avoid holes in the laminate)
  • Sharp scissors and/or a rotary cutter/mat set   

Cut Fabrics

Sewing the Seaside Quilt Top : :

1. pin two 11.5" squares together with right sides facing, securing with a couple of pins on one side 2. repeat with all 24 squares until you have a stack of 12

Steps 1 & 2

3. sew squares together on one side, keeping a 1/4" seam allowance, removing pins as you go 4. snip connecting threads with scissors to separate, press the seams open

Steps 3 & 4

5. pin two of your panel of two squares together with right sides facing, securing with a couple of pins on one side 6. repeat with all 12 panels of two until you have 6 panels of 4 squares, press as you go

Steps 5 & 6

7. repeat by sewing your panels of 4 squares together to make 3 panels of 8 squares, then continue to sew the quilt top together until all 24 squares are sewn together (the finished quilt top will be 4 squares wide, 6 squares long)

Steps 7 & 8

8. press seams open 9. add one border strip of fabric measuring 4.5" x 44" to both ends

Steps 8 & 9

Sewing the Quilt Top to the Chevron Laminate : :

10. with right sides facing, pin the finished quilt top to the piece of laminate fabric staying close to the outer edges. Sew the top piece to the back with a 1/2-inch seam allowance around all four sides, removing pins as you go, and be sure to leave a 10-inch gap at the bottom edge. Back stitch at the beginning and end of this seam. This opening is for turning out the quilt

Right Sides Facing
11. snip off the corners and turn the blanket right sides out making sure to poke the corners out. 12. Press the quilt well on the patchwork side to smooth out wrinkles and pin along all four edges, pinning the opening closed. Top stitch around the entire blanket a 1/4" from the outer edge, back stitching at the beginning and end of the seam

My creation
* NOTE * When you top stitch, have the laminate side facing up, to avoid sticking.

My Helper

This finished quilt will measure 42" x 72", of course you can make it larger!

Seaside & Chevron Laminate

Hand Tying the Quilt : :

Seaside Patchwork

twine for hand-tying

13. Use a length of twine or floss measuring 4", thread through a sharp needle (there is no need to knot the end). At each place on the quilt top where fabric are sewn together, push the needle through the quilt top, making sure it goes through both the quilt top and bottom laminate layer of the quilt, bring back up through the top leaving a little stitch. Tie each stitch tightly with a square knot (a square knot is a simple double knot), trim threads to be about an inch in length. Repeat throughout the quilt.


Voila! Your Patchwork & Laminate Picnic Quilt is finished!!

Riley Blake Designs Chevron Laminate = LOVE it!!
Seaside & Chevron Laminate 
Hand-tied Picnic Quilt

Now you're ready for those fun Summer picnics and trips to the beach!

Picnic Quilt

Thank you so much for stopping by today, I hope you enjoy this tutorial! If you do give this project a go, please be sure to share on my Facebook page or in my Maureen Cracknell Handmade Flickr group 
, Maureen


  1. Great idea, but I did not know you could press the laminate with an iron! Good to know!

    1. Only the wrong side!! I didn't press the plastic side at all. I don't think that's possible! :) I'll have to read through my tutorial again to make sure I didn't suggest that you could. Thanks!!

  2. Great tutorial. Basic enough, even a beginner could be successful. Great to just keep in the car for "just in case".

  3. I always use embroidery floss to tie my quilts and have never thought to use baker's twine. It holds up okay in the wash? Any special instructions for washing it because of the laminate? (I've never worked with laminate before!) But I love this idea. I am dreaming of many beach trips this summer! And I adore that chevron laminate!

    1. No problems at all with the twine. It held up fine, but frayed a little at the ends like floss does. As for washing, I would use the delicate or "hand washing" cycle on cold and would recommend air drying flat or over a close-line.

      A while ago I had pinned this helpful blog post on sewing with laminate cottons --

  4. Looove this idea! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great idea to use the laminate for a beach or picnic quilt. Thanks for sharing your tutorial.

  6. I was wondering the same thing about washing instructions.wash and air dry maybe?

    1. I would wash on the delicate or the "hand washing" cycle on cold and would recommend air drying flat or over a close-line.

      A while ago I had pinned this helpful blog post on sewing with laminate cottons --

  7. I never would have thought to use the laminated fabric for that. Clever!

  8. Hi.... thanks a lot for sharing it!!! I loved it finished work but I liked to see georgeous fabric

  9. Great table cloth. I would love to make one for our outside table.

    1. Now that is a brilliant idea!! Thanks for the suggestion Barbara!

  10. Thanks for a wonderful tutorial. I hadn't thought about using laminated fabric and will have to add this to my projects to do list. Beautiful job!

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  12. Good thinking with the backing, and love how you tied it!

  13. Great blanket, I hate when the ground is damp and it seeps thru the blanket! This way it won't be a problem.

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  15. i have been planning a picnic blanket but i hadn't thought of laminated fabric! brilliant!

  16. What a great tutorial! Thanks for sharing :)

  17. This looking great! Thank you for the wonderful tutorial!

  18. What a great tutorial. You'll have lots of fun picnics this summer with that fabulous picnic rug!!

  19. Wonderful tutorial and adorable quilted blanket for picnics!


  20. I have a pattern and bought some laminated fabric for the back but wasn't sure how to sew it together Thank You

  21. A fabulous pattern. thank you so much.

  22. Great project! Can't wait to make a picnic quilt :)

  23. Thank you for the time and effort of making this great tutorial! I truly appreciate your talent!!

  24. This is a terrific idea, thank you. I just have one problem: I've never seen laminate fabric. Where can you buy it? I don't live in the US so I mean what kind of shop rather than a specific retailer?

  25. Hi, why have you not put in any wadding to pad the mat a bit. It would make it a lot more comfortable to sit on. Or do you think it would not work. ☺

  26. Hi, why have you not put in any wadding to pad the mat a bit. It would make it a lot more comfortable to sit on. Or do you think it would not work. ☺

  27. If you used 10" squares, this would be a good project for layer cakes (say, 5 x 7 square layout). I think this project would work with oilcloth as well as PVC or laminated cotton. I agree with one commenter that this would be more comfortable to sit on if the fabric was first quilted to some batting before being tied to the laminated cotton (or simply have a piece of batting inserted between the layers when stitching all 3 together. Instead of using pins around the edges, I'd use those Clover clips or binder clips -- no holes! Also a bit of baby powder or cornstarch on the laminate helps the presser foot glide (see The Gourmet Quilter's blog and tutorials on this subject). Pretty! ~Diana

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