Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Today : :

i voted today!

Get out and vote and then sew something beautiful!! Maureen
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  1. Yes!! I couldn't agree more :)
    Hope you're having a good day!

  2. Replies
    1. No matter which side we are on, I think we can ALL agree how important our vote is!! Happy sewing!

  3. I voted for President and then I voted for your scrappy quilt on Blogger's Quilt Festival!

    1. Thank you Elsa!! I should have linked to that, too, I am SO excited!! And, I also entered the Little Red Halloween costume I made in an online competition and am waiting to hear! It's not up for voting, but there will be 5 winners, fingers crossed!! :)

  4. Maureen, you've done your civic duty for the day! I'm fortunate to live in an early voting state, so I was able to check that off my list last week. Now to sit back and watch the results come in! Happy sewing!

  5. I voted but no time to sew (darn)...it's off to work I go, hi-ho, hi-ho.

  6. Thank you, I voted but was having a hard time to get off my butt and head to the sewing room.

  7. Amen! So many people on our planet wish they had the liberties we do...including the right to vote for our leaders! Be responsible people and use make good use of those liberties:)


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