Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Weekend Retreat : :

This morning I'm leaving very early on a road trip to Georgia! In Atlanta, I will be meeting up with several sewing blogger friends for a long weekend sewing retreat. I am so nervous and excited, and today I thought I would share quickly what I plan to work on while I'm gone!

For that long car ride -- a little knitting! These lovely skeins are from Loop, a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law Anne. It's about time I put these in action! I'm thinking a scarf like this one might be pretty for Fall.

For Knitting

As far as fabrics go, I have so much packed!

Some Art Gallery Fabrics -- LillyBelle for my very first Fat Quarter Gang project! And, some Rhapsodia too, even though I don't have a plan for those just yet!

Art Gallery Fabrics

Some Riley Blake Fabrics -- The brand new collections Seaside, for my next Design Team Project, and some Willow for my project later in the Summer! I love the yellow, gray, and pale aqua combo. These are so pretty!

Riley Blake Fabrics

I hope to start a new quilt with these! My Sweet Summer Dreams Bundle for Pink Castle Fabrics and my very favorite Lillybelle print in both colorways. I love these colors so much right now!!

Blogger Bundle   LillyBelle

My Zakka Style project for later this Summer, as part of the Zakka Style Sew-Along!

Zakka Style

Yes, I think that should be plenty to keep my busy during our little Sew-cation! And, if you're a local to Atlanta, we'd love for you to join the group of us by meeting up with us at Whipstitch on Saturday morning, June 23rd. We'll be there around 10 am on Saturday, shop and then we plan to have lunch next door. Everyone gets 10% off that morning in-store at Whipstitch, we would love to see you then! 

I can't wait to get sewing with my friends, and to come back home with some wonderful new memories and pictures to share here with all of you! They are surely to be happier than this oh-so-sad shot I snapped of Lily while I was packing -- she knows I'm leaving and she's not liking it.

Lily's upset

Alright, either that or she's thinking, "Really?! You're taking that much stuff?! Well, you see that bag Rachael made you out of Rashida's Washi Fabrics behind me, I guess I better lay on it now while I still can."

Lily's upset

Oh yes, that was it! No worries, me and my stuff will be back soon! Until then, I have a new Fabric Giveaway beginning this Friday morning with Canton Village Quilt Works, here's a peek!! Be sure to stop back and to have yourself a lovely weekend, too!!  Maureen


  1. When I saw that you brought some yarn for knitting, I couldn't help but thing, "Just don't knit during the olympic games!" Ha! Did you see all the hubub about that?

    I just got your blogger picks bundle in the mail and am brainstorming a quilt. I'm interested to see what you come up with. I'll have to link up once I finish mine! I'm at a loss, but I'm thinking maybe a play on a coin quilt, or maybe something with repeating triangles. Or maybe chevron. Or maybe...

  2. Welcome to our town. I'm sure you will have a great time. Just remember that Hotlanta gets very warm during the summer. So, you should also include a few drinks / happy hours in the agenda :-)

  3. I am continually amazed at what you get done. Have a fabulous time on your trip and really enjoy your self. Now, I'm off to scout some of those fabulous grays and yellows you posted!

  4. i laughed so much when i saw that picture of lily on flickr last night! ha! poor kittty! i can't wait maureen! it is going to be so fun! xo

  5. That sounds like so much fun! Have a blast, get lots done, and scratch that quilt cat for me :)

  6. I can't wait to see you! Oh, poor Lily. I know my kitties will be sad, too. And yes, I think you brought enough. ;) Maybe.

  7. Hi Maureen! Lily is so beautiful - wow what eyes she has! She is right, you packed a lot of fabrics. So lovely colourful photos! Enjoy and have fun! x Teje

  8. I love your fabric bundles! You so need to be my personal fabric shopper! Sounds like your going to have a blast! =D

  9. Enjoy yourself! Hope to be able to pop down to Whipstitch Sat. I would love to meet you all in person!

  10. Aww, this sounds like so much fun! I wish I could join you all.
    Looks like you packed enough! Those car rides are perfect for knitting. Hope you have a fun weekend!

  11. ha ha ha!! lily must have gotten the secret message my cats packed in the bag... "crafts are for napping!" have a great weekend :)

  12. Ooh how exciting! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  13. I'm sure you'll have soooo much fun!!!!!
    have a wonderful week end!!!!

  14. Welcome to Atlanta! I would love to to meet you (one of my favorite bloggers) and the rest of the group. I'm gonna try to work out a trip up to Whipstitch. Have fun!

  15. the new grayandyellow combos are starting to grow on me. you are a great resource and I love your blog!


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