Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Pillow Sale : :

Yellow House Pillow

Thank you for making my last holiday sale a huge success!! A new one is beginning right now! I am offering a free pillow insert with any purchase of a ready to ship pillow cover from my shop. I have just ten different, one-of-a-kind pillows available at the moment.

Thank you all so much for supporting me the way you do, whether it be by vising me here and commenting or by purchasing my handmades. I am so grateful for my crafts and to have this place to share now more than ever! Thank you, thank you, thank you all!!

Pillows for Sale
Purple Flower Pillow
House Pillow
Cotton & Felt Garland Pillow
owl a tree
Christmas Pillow with red piping
owl pillow
Purple, Grey, and Yellow Strip Pillow
Quilted Stripes Christmas Pillow
Pink Fox ❤ Pillow


  1. Everything you do is fabulous, Maureen!

  2. These are all just beautiful, Maureen!

  3. i love your pillow maureen! how do you finish them? do you use zippers, envelope closure, buttons, or just a little of everything?

  4. Love your work. So glad I saw your site! Off to Etsy now!

  5. The pillows are all so adorable.

  6. So many cute are a pillow maven! Well other things too but certainly pillows :)


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