Monday, October 3, 2011

This Weekends Winner(s) : :

What a special weekend! Kevin and I spent Saturday and Sunday away in beautiful Corning, NY. On Sunday Kevin ran in the Wine Glass Full Marathon. The temperatures were in the 30's, it rained the entire time, and was windy as can be. Regardless of the terrible conditions, he did great -- finishing with a time of 3:16! For someone who only started running just under two years ago, that's pretty amazing. Because of the rain, I didn't get too many photos, but here's what I have to share.

Beer. Yes, he always has 1-3 the day before a big run.

the night before beers

The next morning after he caught the bus to the start line, I found a new, open bakery downtown and had myself a cup of the yummiest dark chocolate mocha with a homemade marshmallow. Which I plan to make lots of this winter. I am so glad I brought my knitting, it really calmed my nerves. But mostly I was in awe of the fact that I was alone, in a bakery (I'm a gluten-free girl), knitting, without children, while my husband was running in 36 degree weather in the pouring rain. I don't think I have ever felt such extreme joy and guilt at the same time!

while he's running

The race started around 8 am, so I found my spot to wait as all the half and then full marathon runners started coming in. Standing for three hours in these conditions was not fun, to say the least, but at least I wasn't running! About two minutes before Kevin finished I was visited by this hummingbird. Right in front of me, hovering in the flowers that were planted along the street. I've never been so close, it was pretty special.

humming bird at the finish line

Just as soon as it flew away, my husband was flying in!

the finish line

As awful as it was to stand freezing and soaking wet for hours, seeing this smile at the end made it all worth it. He really is amazing!!! And inspiring. And so supportive. And I thank God for him everyday!

after the marathon

And now... we have a giveaway WINNER!

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Thanks again and Happy Monday!!!


  1. Congratulations to your husband! I've recently started running, but only 5k :) I can't even fathom running for over 3 hours.

    I'm so excited I won! Thank you so much!!!

  2. congrats and happy running to your husband.


  3. Your husband did great and good timing for a new racer. Looks like you got to enjoy yourself too, a little guilty time for ourselves is a good thing;)


  4. I'm a gluten free knitter too! Congrats to your husband, a marathon is something I've been working towards too!

  5. Congrats to your hubby!! Way to go. :-)

    That cup of cocoa looks so delicious with that marshmallow...yum!!

  6. Congrats to your husband! That is quite an accomplishment. The hummingbird photo is fantastic!

    Congrats to Bethany too!

  7. Congratulations to your husband and to Bethany!!

  8. A huge congrats to both your hubby and to Bethany the giveaway winner!!

  9. I know that guilty feeling ;) I always feel better for it though! That hummingbird is amazing. congratulations to your husband, even thinking about running is too tiring for me!

  10. Wow, that's really incredible! And I've had a marshamallow recipe printed for over a year now. I hope to try them soon!

  11. Thanks everyone! We just found out that close to 500 runners didn't even finish because of how terrible the weather was. All the more amazing for those who persevered. Just amazing!!!

    Thanks again,
    from both myself and Kevin :)

  12. Nice, nice, nice!!! Awesomeness across the board. That hummingbird shot is crazy cool! I can't believe what a difference in 1 weekend b/c M's run last weekend ended being sunny & 80 - way too hot. you just never know!

  13. Jan, I know! Last weekend was the Presque Isle marathon in Erie and it was gorgeous! It's like October came and all the sudden it's cold and rainy. I'm still recovering from the weekend and of course, he's already planned his next marathon and training schedule. :)

  14. what a wonderful post! I love reading posts from bloggers who are supportive, encouraging, and authentic with their partners!! COngrats to hubby (again!) for yet another race with a fantastic time!!

    p.s. did you mean you were going to making the marshmallows? if so, post the recipe after you've perfected it!!

  15. Hey congratulations to your husband...I have one of those crazy ones too that love to run, cycle and swim long distances...I really love waiting watching and filling in time usually with kids while he does his thing and then crosses the finish line triumphantly.

  16. How funny! Steve wants to run this one next year. :) congrats to your husband, what an amazing time!


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