Monday, September 26, 2011

This Weekend : :

I finally photographed my newest finished owl pillow. This ones being entered into the Celebrate Color Home Decor pool and listed in my shop.

Red & Aqua Owl Pillow

This weekend : : I found myself wanting to do some knitting. Although I'm not sure just yet what I'm making?


This weekend : : I worked up a new tutorial to share here tomorrow -- an updated version of my Felt Leaf Garland. And, realized that photographing garland is really, really difficult. For me anyways?

Felt Leaf Garland

This weekend : : I Found a little inspiration for those of you still hoping to get your hands on some of this gorgeous Loulouthi.

Made with Hugs & Kisses

Thank you Rachel, Rachel Hauser, and Toni for letting me share your lovely Hugs & Kisses creations! It's obvious Anna's Wine colorway is the favorite of the bunch!

And now... we have a WINNER! 

First, I want to say a big THANK YOU to Moona Fabrics for offering such a sweet giveaway!!! If you've fallen in love with these fabrics, you can find all the colorways of this Hugs & Kisses Loulouthi print and this 1/2 yd bundle at the Moona Fabrics etsy shop and their website, right now! Remember -- Until September 30th all Loulouthi Fabrics are just $7.99/yd at Moona!!

Thank You to all of you who entered, I'm so glad you all liked our Giveaway! I know that not winning is not much fun at all -- my apologies for that! So, good news -- I'll be hosting a new giveaway here again this Friday and as often as I can, hopefully each Friday! Be sure stop back. I think it's such a wonderful way to end each week, I hope you think so too!

So without further ado, from 791 entries  Mr. Random says our lucky winner is comment #361, Annette!!! I hope you enjoy your winnings, I can't wait to see what you make! Both Moona Fabrics and I will be in touch!

Thanks again and Happy Monday!!!


  1. Love the flowery eyeballs on the owl pillow.

    That dress is too cute!! And yay for Annette!!! :-)

  2. I ALWAYS find photographing banners to be so, so hard. Hang in there! And, don't feel like you have to photograph it hanging indoors, where it would really go. Could hand from a tree!

  3. I want that owl and the pictures on those shelves look great!

  4. Mr Owl is cute..

    Well done Annette, what a prize!!

  5. Love the pillow! Can't wait to see the garland in person.

  6. Very cute pillow--I love the flowered eyes. :)

  7. Good morning Maureen, So good to be inspired first thing on a Monday. Have a super week!!!

  8. The owl is adorable in those colors!

    Wow, I can't believe I won! Thank you so much Maureen and Moona Fabrics.

  9. Yay! Thank you for posting pics of the owl. The print really does match the pillow :) LOVE IT!

  10. Your newest owl pillow is so cute! Gee, from the amount you seem to accomplish each week, do you sleep? :)

  11. Love your owl!
    Congratulations Annette!!

  12. your owls are just so cute! I really need to finish my loulouthi quilt...

  13. Congratulations Annette! Enjoy.

    That owl pillow is adorable and WOW, that little dress is super cute too.

  14. Love the owl!! Turquoise and red are a winning combination!

  15. I just love those owls, and how cute is that little girl in the Loulouthi dress???

    The felt garland is fantastic.

  16. Thanks everyone!

    Yes, the red and aqua owl is definitely my favorite!

    Remember, there will be a new Giveaway happening again this Friday!

    Thanks again,

  17. your owl is perfect! i think your banner is lovely, too!

  18. I love the garland! And your photos are always perfect. :)

  19. Very cute pillow! Your garland is fun, too. I need to try to make something like that this year! Thanks for the idea!


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