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A Simple Children's Scarf Tutorial : :

Practical Fall Sewing : : A Simple Children's Scarf Tutorial

Today I'm going to share a more practical sewing tutorial with you for a simple children's scarf.

Finished Scarf

This is a wonderful little tutorial for a beginner sewist. A project that's super quick, easy, and is all about comfort. I don't know about you, but I have spent too much time knitting up scarves that are said to be too scratchy for my little ones. Well, this scarf is made by combining two soft fabrics of different weights -- Combine flannel with voile (like I did), quilting weight cotton with a cotton lawn or light weight linen, or use fleece instead of the flannel. I had my daughter pick the fabrics that "felt" the best to her. In the end you'll have a lovely, comfortable, little two-sided scarf that any child is sure to love...and actually wear.

What you'll need : :

Cutting and Piecing the Fabrics : :

1. Choose the two fabrics and coordinating thread with a color scheme of your choice (picking up a 1/4 yard of each fabric will be enough to make one scarf. If you are making the scarf adult size I recommend using two cuts of fabric measuring  9-11" x 54-60") 2. Cut each fabric into a piece measuring 7" x 42" (I recommend using a rotary cutter and mat set for cutting)
Fabrics and Thread
Cut heavy-weight fabricCut light-weight fabric

3. Lay fabrics on the work surface with right sides together. Get the pins ready 5. With the wrong side facing up, begin pinning the fabrics together. Insert a pin about every 2" or so
lay fabrics with right sides facing one anotherget your pins ready
wrong side should be uppin every 2" or so

5. Using a ruler or straight edge and a water soluble pen, mark a 1/2" seam line on each long side and one short side of the scarf fabrics 6. Sew along these seam lines
mark 1/2" seam with water soluble pensew along 1/2" seam mark

7. At each of the two corners on the short sewn side of the scarf, mark a seam line on each of these corners 8. Sew back and forth a few time along these lines. 9. Using scissors or the cutter, clip these corners away
mark cornersew and clip corner

Finishing the Scarf : :

10. At this point, turn the scarf right side out and press well with an iron 11. One end should be open. Carefully fold in the ends about a 1/2" so that they are even and neat on the top and bottom. Press this well to create a straight end
Turn right side our, pressAt the open end, fold in ends
Folded in endpress the seam

12. Pin along this seam 13. It's time to sew around the perimeter of the scarf with the coordinating thread. Start at the pinned short side. Sew, removing pins as you go. Stop at each corner, turn the scarf and continue to sew staying close to the edge the entire way around the scarf
pin before sewing end closedsew along the entire perimeter of the scarf

Ta-da! You're Simple Scarf is finished!
Finished Scarf

Tutorial :: A Simple Children's Scarf

Finished Scarf
Hope you have a fun, easy time making it! 
Be sure to let me know if you do!


  1. Lovely project, and so simple! That is a good idea to let the wearer pick their fabrics- I know I can be picky about how things feel, so why wouldn't a kid? Thanks for sharing!

  2. So simple and perfect! Great tutorial...many thanks.

  3. Great project - love it! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  4. If I ever start sewing, I'll be making one of these!

    Amber, from Facebook

  5. this is so beautiful and useful!
    and...not only for kids...LOL!!!
    thanks for sharing!!!

  6. It's such a cute scarf! Perfect for the in-between temps.

  7. The scarf is adorable, and so is your model.

  8. Very cute project and great tutorial! I love how concise your photos always are. Great job!

    ps...about the gluten free sauces...they do make gluten free pastas so you could make it all GF if you used that. Just a thought! :-)

  9. Thanks Meeling! I would do a tutorial for almost everything I make, if only I had the time! :) I actually really like the process!?

  10. What a great idea and so simple too! I think I'll make one for my granddaughter for Christmas!

  11. rYou are so creative...these instructions are great...I think your model is adorable as is the scarf!!

  12. very cute! love the fabrics she picked! what an eye that girl has... just like her momma :) great tutorial, you are so right about the knit scarves. i was just getting ready to knit my kiddos some scarves... now i will scratch that and make them each one of these. thanks!

  13. Maureen, your photo on Kym's blog for the 52 Weeks Challenge drew me here. Your blog is a visual delight, inspiring in every way! I have added you to the list of blogs I follow.

  14. Such a sweet scarf! The neck is a picky body part, your solution to the itchy problem is so smart.

  15. Oh, I love this!! Very clever! I like the kinds of fabrics that you used, very soft it seems. Smart!

  16. NICE! I have to make some for meee!! : )

  17. I love the fabrics you chose. Thanks for sharing!


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