Friday, July 8, 2011

Pumpkin Petals Quilt Block : :

I am certainly on a role with my Bottled Rainbow Quilt! This is block number three -- my Pumpkin Petals quilt block.
Pumpkin Petals Quilt Block
I can't believe I have completed three blocks in just one week! Here you can see my Pumpkin Petals, my Buttercup Sunburst, and my Ruby Love birds.
Bottled Rainbow Quilt Blocks
Kudos to Rachel for organizing such a fun quilt-a-long! Too be honest, my first block was a little shaky, I almost started over. Now I am completely enjoying this! Every bit of it, in fact! The layout, the basting...
the zig-zag stitching of each scrap in place. Even though I often have to leave my block just like this several times a day until it's all finished, which does drive me a little crazy.
Pumpkin Petals Quilt Block WIP
I especially love that this projects leaves so much room for your own little twist. There are some really inspiring ideas floating around the Flickr Pool -- I hope my idea of a Mandala inspired design adds to that. I only wish I could have started my blocks sooner to be more at pace with Rachel (who's already finished!) Regardless, I'm having fun! 
Pumpkin Petals Quilt Block
I should also add -- it's not too late for you! You can find all the details of this quilt-a-long right here and jump in at any time -- be sure to let me know if you do!!!


  1. Very pretty Maureen! I love orange so this is my fave one so far.

  2. Beautiful! I love how different all your blocks are turning out. :)

  3. Love it!! That is so beautiful! I love the designs you are coming up with! Makes me want to do another!!

  4. They look so pretty together!

  5. Love it Maureen! It looks amazing together.

  6. they are beautiful maureen! but please tell me you won't give up on that first quilt!!! i love it so much... i've always hoped that i would get to see it finished :)

  7. Did you quilt as you went? That is such a pretty quilt. I think my fav is the tree. Oh by the way love your work. Do you sell any of it or is it just for yourself. I would love to get a pattern for the birds you used.. I'll deff be back soon


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