Thursday, July 7, 2011

Loulouthi and Lily : :

This month I welcomed a new sponsor Moona Fabrics. This shop is full of all my favorites -- Anna Maria Horner and Joel Dewberry, as well as lots of Art Gallery and Echino fabrics. You can find all their links on my Sponsorship Page!

I just received this gorgeous stack of Loulouthi from their shop -- folded perfectly!
Loulouthi Stash -- Moona Fabrics
Along with a gifted large scrap piece of Fairytale Garden, a fabric I have never seen, but thanks to them I will be ordering soon! You can just tell the ladies at Moona really love their fabrics, which makes me love their shop all the more!
Butterfly Garden Sample from Moona
I think these will become that pillow sham tutorial I mentioned and maybe a simple cafe style curtain for the balcony door of my sewing room.
Loulouthi Stash -- Moona Fabrics
I love this Loulouthi so much I would just leave them out to sit awhile with my other pretty things if I wasn't sure my cat would find a way to knock them down just so she could curl up onto them -- ya see, she loves pretty fabric and yarn just as much as I do!
Loulouthi Stash -- Moona Fabrics
See, here she is just watching me take my photos, waiting to make her move...
Be sure to stop by their wonderful shop and to keep an eye out for an upcoming fabric giveaway right here!!!

Thanks and welcome Moona Fabrics!


  1. My kitty loves Loulouthi, too:

  2. I really like that green fabric with the flowers on it

  3. Oh I neeed some of that Loulouthi!!

  4. I love Moona...ordered from them before!!

    Great selection!!!

  5. They really carry so many great fabrics!

    Hopefully we'll have a Loulouthi giveaway to offer here soon!

  6. The fabrics are gorgeous and oh kitty's eyes are just divine.


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