Friday, July 15, 2011

Busy : :

What a week this has been! I've been spending just about every free moment sewing when I am home, working with these beauties that arrived just the other day -- Don't you just love this color palette!
Unfortunately these are not here for me, but for a custom order for a rather large bundle of pillow covers. I'm half way finished, Hooray!
pillow covers
Once I'm completely done, I hope to find a little more time to play around with my new favorite toy!
GO! baby fabric cutter
It's really a lot of fun and such a time saver! I just wish I could design a few dies for those of us who work with felt. My brain is swirling with ideas!
flower and bird dies
Gotta get back at it now but I'll be back here after this weekend with a new project! xo


  1. Those are pretty colors. And I have no idea how to felt, so that would be a fun post to read.

  2. Whew, that is quite the stack of pillow covers, go maureen go! I do love that floral one especially.

    I hope that Go! Baby is helping you with your quilting :) For me, I love the process of choosing and piecing quilt tops but lose interest after that as you may have noticed from the lack of finished quilt posts I've done, lol. And heck, even if quilts aren't everyone's thing from start to finish, we all know you are the Goddess of Pillows!

  3. That first color palate is awesome--I love that pop of blue.

  4. Linda -- for these I am just using wool blend felt, but I am a big fan of felting. I'll have to do a little lesson here once I am back to working with wool this Fall!

  5. Love these colors! I can't wait to see that Go! Baby in action.


    They look fabulous! I am now thinking of adding some teal into the living area! Wow, I can't wait until it all comes together. So excited!

  7. Don't you just love/hate it when working for others and fulfilling orders gets in the way of fun!? Same story here. Can't wait to finish the custom work so I can sew my own stuff!

    I am hoping for a GO! Baby soon. I got to play with a friend's GO! and thought I died and gone to stitchy heaven!

  8. Such pretty fabric. Thanks for leaving kind words on my blog today. It made me smile :)

  9. You know call me crazy but this looks just like a Sizzix for paper ...... I am wondering if their plates are interchangeable? That would increase your shapes exponentially.....


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