Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Favorite Things : :

Today, when I can, I am working from the felt scraps basket and am experimenting with new ways to make felt flowers. So fun! Finding ways to use up those scraps happens to be one of my most favorite things!
working from scraps
I am also working on a new tutorial to share here very soon -- my "Favorite Things Bunting." If you love both sewing and knitting, you'll enjoy this one! It combines so much of what we all love.. Fabric, yarn, felt, felt balls or pom poms, and ric rac.
favorite things bunting
Hoping to work on the tutorial (and better pictures) throughout this week. Stay tuned...


  1. A basket of would-be scraps into something delightful.

  2. Scraps are so much fun, and I can't wait for the bunting tutorial! It looks beautiful!

  3. Beautiful pictures! A way cool banner!

  4. this is a really fun twist on the bunting, maureen. a tutorial would be wonderful!

  5. Love it! Isn't it great to look at throw aways and see potential? : D

  6. those little felt flowers look so pretty and intricate. Also, I love that knitted bunting...just want to reach out and touch it!

  7. That bunting is so lovely...I will be staying tune for a tut...thanks for sharing.


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