Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wool.Easter.Basket : :

Well it certainly had been a while since I made one of these! Afterall, making felted items for children is where it all started for me. This project request came to me from a mother who wanted similar Easter baskets for her two little boys, and I had already made a basket for her first son -- how could I say no? Really, I couldn't. And I am really glad I didn't. I have had the same barely started project on the needles for quite some time now and with Easter around the corner, this really forced me to jump in. It seems as I get more and more into sewing, the knitting and felting that I use to just love, just keeps getting further and further away. This project made me think of {bunnies, fox, owls, trees, bees, butterflies, and Spring -- of course} but also about balance. How could knitting, something I was SO passionate about, be replaced by a new passion? Well, it shouldn't be. I love to knit! I love to sew! There you have it.

So, here is a little wool, nature themed Easter basket that required a lot of knitting, some felting, needle felting, embroidery, hand stitching, and just a little bit of sewing, too.
bumble bee
aqua handle
Here's hoping there is a lot of passion and a bit of balance in your life, too!

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  1. this is stunning!!!! absolutely gorgeous!!!

  2. So lovely!!!

    What a great keepsake!

  3. of course, it's lovely! And good thoughts there on balance. Balance is such an ongoing project...

  4. Very cute! And so much more personal than a cheap store bought basket!

  5. It is adorable!! I love the fox and the bumble bee!

    How Sweeter It Is

  6. It's incredibly fantastic...I want to be 5 again.....seriously.

  7. Unbearably adorable! The photos just got more and more amazing! I'm ready for an egg hunt now... :)


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