Monday, April 4, 2011

this weekend : :

Was birthday crown madness! I finished twelve, working here and there on Saturday and Sunday, and have four more to go. I really surprised myself and my husband. If you haven't noticed I tend to jump around with my project ideas, but I really did enjoy making these crowns so much. It all makes me feel a bit excited and honored to make something for a child to wear on their most special day of the year.
crown madness
Here are a few of my favorites from the batch -- A Woodland Creature themed crown : :
woodland birthday crown
And, this bright and fun request -- With a needle felted ladybug on one side and a buzzing bumblebee on the other : :
bumblebee and ladybug crown
I can't wait to receive the Birthday pictures of the boys and girls who will be wearing them. Fun, fun! I am not quite ready to hang my crown making hat up just yet. So hopefully the orders will continue to come my way.
crown rack
Many thanks to those of you who ordered this last week -- I know many of you stopped by here!

Happy Monday friends! ~ Maureen


  1. Wow, very creative and fun:)

  2. SO cute!!! It looks like a little crown convention!

  3. They look fantastic!! Can't wait for my little girls birthday so I can order one.

  4. Those are so fun and my oh my you were busy!!

  5. Those are fantastic! You were a busy lady over the weekend. :)

    (Visiting from EBT)

  6. Such a cute idea--those kids will love them!

  7. These are amazing! And I have to say, it has made me SUPER happy that I got my order in this weekend. I can't wait to see what beauties you create for my girls!


  8. These crowns are great! You've put so much work into them. Well done!

  9. So Cute! Would be great for a child's birthday party.

  10. Those are so cute! I love every single one of them. You are so good with colors! Much better than me. Many times when i paint, my color combos are complete disasters and I have to toss the painting :-[

  11. They are all so adorable! I love what you said about making something that a child is going to wear on their most important day of the year. I feel the same way about the birthday shirts that I make! What an honor!!

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  12. Those are great! What a neat keepsake, too. A child would never forget that birthday!

  13. wow they all look amazing!
    : )


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