Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Sweetest Gift : :

We have always been big fans of maple syrup in our home! Even though it is a bit pricey {and understandably so with 40 gallons of sap = 1 gallon of syrup!}, it has always made it's way onto our grocery list. Where we live you can get some really great syrup, see tapped trees with buckets filling up everywhere, and each May our little town has a Maple Festival full of yummy maple goodness. This month, the syrup on our table and in our most favorite recipes and treats is a bit more special than it's ever been.
mustache maple syrup
At the home we live in now there is a big old maple tree right on the corner and when our neighbor/close friends asks us to tap, well of course we were all for!
our tree
My oldest joined in to watch the tap and the rest of watched from inside, where it was warm.
maple tap
The whole process is a bit magical really and gratefully our friends are keeping us stocked with the best maple syrup we've ever had.
our tree
Our go to simple recipe, that is becoming a daily breakfast or treat these days.
yogurt.strawberries.walnuts.maple syrup
Organic Plain Greek Yogurt
strawberries quartered
chopped walnuts
a generous drizzle of Mustache Maple Syrup
= YUM!
For the first time, it's not just the delicious syrup we're enjoying, but the whole process.
favorite treat
Thanks to some hard work from our very thoughtful friends, it doesn't get any sweeter!


  1. Yum...nothing beats fresh maple syrup!!!

  2. Wow. that looks so good. I have never had fresh maple syrup like that.

  3. I had a friend who's family was from the East Coast, and they were big about having the right Maple Syrup (I never knew there was a wrong syrup before that) and it is so much better! They had a tradition of syrup on hot rolls on Easter and it was devine.

  4. Nothing better then real maple syrup!!! I remember having maple butter too when I was growing up!

  5. How neat that you can tap your own! What fun that would be! And your yogurt sounds delicious!

  6. yum! maple syrup was one of the things we missed when we first moved to Ireland - it was almost impossible to find! I bring it over from Canada in my suitcase so we can enjoy our Sunday pancakes! :)

  7. Your little ones face says it all! I've never put syrup on anything but pancakes, but that yogurt looks good!

  8. Thanks for the wonderful blog post!! The hubby really liked it :) Great pictures.


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