Tuesday, April 26, 2011

To Pick a Pillow : :

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I shared these new pillows. I was considering then that one of them might be my entry into this months Blogger Pillow Party, but I was unsure of which one, if either? I still have the idea I original had planned to use, in my head, and now that this very busy month is almost over, I think it is there to stay for just a bit longer. So, now I just have to choose which one?
They both were created from this patchwork block.
work in progress
Which was inspired by my new Chevron Patchwork Lampshade -- that I found the perfect base for and totally LOVE!
new lampshade. inspiration
So, now I just have to choose which one? The butterfly?
patchwork butterfly
Or, the patchwork flower surprise pillow? That sort of just happened into a second pillow, from the leftover patchwork block scraps.
closed petals
So, now I just have to choose which one?
Hmn? Alright, I have decided on the flower -- because I love yellow, because it is so very Springy, and because it is so very different than anything else I have ever stitched up, as well as anything else already entered this month.
patchwork flower petal pillow
Yes, I pick the flower.
So, please wish me luck friends! And, be sure to check out the other pillow entries here and the prize here! I noticed that some of my regular blog visitors have joined in, too -- Good luck to all of you! I am so happy to see that you have joined in the fun!
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  1. Good Luck Maureen - I'll keep my parts crossed for you! I really like the flower : )

  2. Good luck, I love this pillow!

    I FINALLY got my own pillow entered, one of the yo-yo rosette ones I had made for my shop. Not much hope of winning but wanted to participate at long last and thank you for all the inspiration!

  3. Loved the way you wrote this post, Maureen!

  4. I love them both & would have picked the flower as well. It's my fave out of the two! Good luck!p

  5. Love this flower pillow, petals are great!

  6. Beautiful! I love pillows! Such fun.

  7. Cool pillow! Had I been the judge I might have picked it. Very clever.


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