Monday, February 21, 2011

weekend wip and a plan for today : :

weekend wip
This is all I have to show from our busy weekend, but oh we have big plans for today!  -- I can't tell you how often when I talk about sewing with friends or family or acquaintances, the response I get is something like -- "Well, I can't even sew on a button." This happens quite a bit and I get it, sewing and knitting just isn't for everyone. But how sad is it that almost a whole generation has lost out on learning how to do just the most basic skills of sewing? Well, inspired by something I saw on Childhood 101, the Pioneer Mama in me has decided that today is the day for my kids to learn. So, while I finish my WIP up there or possibly work on a fun button project myself, I am having a Sewing Buttons 101 class with the kiddos. I'm excited, they're excited...we'll show you the results tomorrow!

Enjoy your day! ~ Maureen


  1. I'm wanting to learn to sew this summer while my mother is off for summer vacation. Hopefully, she'll be able to show me how to sue the machine.

    I taught my 8yo niece to make yo-yos last weekend. The fabric came from old clothing and had the reds, pinks, whites of Valentine's Day. The yo-yos were stacked to make flowers and then a magnet was glued to the back.

    She worked very hard and loved having something she made for her mom. It was good to see her so proud of herself.

  2. I have been doing some simple embroidery with my two boys aged 10 and 8! I know it's not 'cool' but they are enjoying it and it's a great thing to learn.

  3. I'll be stopping back tomorrow. Have fun!

  4. It amazes me too how many people can not do the basics! Even mending their clothes!

    Have a wonderful evening!



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